Thursday, December 17, 2015

review: ponte pants you'll want to wear all winter long

 express Ponte Knit Five-Pocket Pant
I'm a huge fan of ponte pants for the winter. They are warmer than leggings, look like actual pants, and I find they are what looks best with boots because the aren't any wrinkles or sagging. I love my ponte pants so much, that I basically wore them out. After 2.5 years of wearing them multiple times a week, they have just lost their shape and honestly are wearing thin in certain areas, so I've been on the hunt for a new pair for a few weeks now. 

I stumbled across Express's version, and after reading the 60+ glowing reviews, immediately ordered a few pairs to try on. All of the reviews mentioned to size down, so I ordered both my ~regular size large, and a medium. The reviews were spot on though - the medium fits so great that I didn't even both trying on the large. They are comfortably stretchy, thick, and even after a few hours of wearing them and rolling around with my dogs, haven't stretched out. I'm so happy to have found a replacement for my beloved Gap ponte pants!

I apologize that the lighting in these pictures isn't the greatest, but I've been leaving my house at 6:15 and not returning until after 6 so far this week, so I wasn't able to take pictures with natural light. I did want to show you guys how the pants look with boots on though. I've also been looking for cognac boots for two freaking years now, and finally found a pair I like. I must have ordered and returned at least like 6 pairs. These are from Vince Camuto. They come both in normal calf and wide calf, and after reading how tight the normal calf sizes are, I went with the wide calf. I have pretty muscular calves that seem to fall right in between regular and wide, and in the past I've just been able to find larger regular calf boots. I would say that the calf on the wide calf is probably pretty small as they fit me comfortably tight. My only real complain is that the ankles are a bit too loose on me, but that's something that won't be as much of an issue with thicker socks on. If you are interested, I'd advise to do some shopping around as Amazon has some pairs for around $125 in certain sizes/colors.
 Vince Camuto 'Phillie' Tall Riding Boot

And as a last note, I wanted to mention that Shopbop has a sale right now offering 25% off their sale items. My personal favorite is this beautiful red tote from Foley + Corinna - isn't it the most classic looking with a spin bag?! I just love it. Other items worth checking out are the Clare V. bags (I still want that darn leopard one!), some of the cutest flats from Yosi Samra (those pom pom shoes!!!), or any one of the many pairs of jeans currently on sale. Also worth checking out is the designer section where all the Ferragamo shoes are hiding!