Tuesday, December 1, 2015

beauty tuesday: tata harper resurfacing mask review

DSC01096picture 2Several months ago, I started using a retin-A cream after my dermatologist recommended it for me. I'm very happy with some of the results so far, but an unfortunate side effect is that it causes the skin to become flaky for a certain (undetermined) amount of time. My skin is already on the dry side, so it's been a constant struggle for me to keep the flakes and dryness under control. I've tried a ton of different products to help, and with the many glowing reviews online about the Tata Harper resurfacing mask, I was hoping it was going to be the product that helped me keep my dry flaky patches under control. The thing I always have to remind myself is that with skin care, what may be one person's holy grail item will just not work for someone with different skin. 

What it promises:
This powerful Resurfacing Mask works like a traditional peel to provide an instant solution for dull skin—without causing downtime or irritation. Formulated to deeply purify and help decongest surface debris and dead skin for a refreshed, revitalized appearance, it minimizes the appearance of pores for smooth, glowing skin. 

How to use it:
On a clean face, you are supposed to spread a "thick" layer and allow it to dry for about 30 minutes.  I used it this way three times in about one week.

What it did for me:
before | after | with make-up  (click for the gross close-up)
I think that overall, it probably did make my face just a bit smoother. But the reason I was using it, for those dry patches you can see above, it did nothing. Not that I was hoping for a miracle (okay, just a tiny miracle), but when I put my make-up on that day, I would say I was even flakier than I was the day before (you can see how the make-up sticks to those patches)! For someone who doesn't have these annoying flaky patches, this mask would be great to rejuvenate your skin - so many people on sephora have had great results! It just didn't do it for me what I need a mask to do right now. That's the annoying thing about skincare - what is amazing for one person will do absolutely nothing for the next. 

Would I buy this again?
At this point, I have already returned the mask. If it was cheaper, I could see myself keeping the mask around for when I got past this stage of flaking because I think it did brighten my skin a bit, but $50+ is way too much money for something I'm not using right now. The only product I've found so far that has actually helped me stay completely flake free is the Glam Glow mask, so after two years of asking for samples every time I went to Sephora, I finally broke down and bought the full sized jar (in their holiday set though, which is the same prize as the regular jar, but also includes a cleanser, a smaller sample of their youthmud mask, and a brush - all in all, a $130 worth of product for $70).