Thursday, December 3, 2015

gift guide: for a 3rd or 4th year medical student

gift ideas for a medical student

  1. the most convenient pocket organizer: CR got me one of these, and I'm obsessed with it. It's the perfect way to always having something to write on, it keeps all of your papers in one place, and if you order it directly from the website, you can have it engraved! I'm getting a certain newly minted doctor one for Christmas.
  2. a cellphone/wallet combo: on most rotations, we keep our jackets/purses in a locker room or assigned space, and may not be able to go grab our wallets when we are told to go eat. A phone case that has a slot for cards is the perfect solution. The secret compartment on this version is pretty fun too!
  3. a vehicle for caffeine, with a bit of sass: a bit of motivation for those shelf exam study sessions
  4. a tape measurer for a future OB: each of the OB's I was with had their own tape measurer. If you know someone who is going into OB, this would be a really cute present for them. Plus...monogram!
  5. badge reels with a sense of humor: I'm obsessed with these - I ordered one for myself, my OB attending, and as a present for a friend. They come in a bunch of different categories. And if the student you know prefers to be a bit more professional (I plan on only wearing mine when I'm actually on my OB rotation with attendings I already know), a badge reel from their undergrad or medical school is always appropriate (and a good conversation starter!).
  6. a portable charger for those long shifts: as students, we spend a lot of time using our electronics, but don't always have the battery life we need on those 12-24 hour days. CR gave me a similar one for Christmas last year, and I use it at least three times a week. 
  7. a little surgeon USB: my friend Kira got me one of these, and I'm obsessed. It's so cute, and would make a great stocking stuffer. 
  8. a print for her gallery wall: for the girl who likes a bit of nerdy mixed in her gallery wall 

other ideas:
starbucks giftcard: lots of long days require lots of coffee
gas giftcard: with interviews and electives, that mileage adds up
pandora one: because we still have to study, and ads are annoying
a massage gift card: holding retractors for 6 hours tenses you up!
amazon gift card or amazon prime: we will always need study materials (and pens!)