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  • We all know that smoking is not good for you...except when it comes to ulcerative colitis. It has been shown to be protective in both the development and progression of the disease (although there is no clear explanation on how smoking is actually protective).
  • Aspirin, probably one of the most common drugs on the planet, not only helps with headaches, but is also shown to decrease the risk of large bowel cancer. That doesn't mean we should all start swallowing aspirin on daily basis (in fact, guidelines strongly recommend against this), but it is an interesting correlation.
  • While a mother's blood supplies her fetus with the nutrients it needs, maternal blood and fetal blood do not actually mix. The placenta has the two separate vascular systems that are close enough for the exchange of oxygen and nutrients to occur. Kind of neat, huh? 

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  • I'll be taking my MCAT for the 3rd time *gasp* in January! And even though it seems like I should be completely motivated and hyperactive about studying, I'm not. I've gotten a little lazy and feel defeated, for lack of a better word. Any tips/suggestions on how to back up? Thank you!
    • You've probably been studying for this exam for a long time, so it's understandable that you may be getting to the point of burning out. My advice is to step back and look at why you are doing this. Talk to your mentor, go shadow, talk to current medical students. Seeing others who need your help or who are in a position that you want to be in definitely helps. I also advise finding ways to make your study time the most enjoyable. When I study at home, I usually have a big glass of flavored water and my heating blanket on. At my favorite spot in the library, I always had good music playing (my favorite is the movies soundtrack station) and an iced coffee near. Studying isn't the most fun thing in the world, but there are ways to make it enjoyable!
  • It seems that for a while the theme in fashion blogging was minimalism/ capsule wardrobes. Now I see that a lot of bloggers are concerned with sustainable or made in America clothing. These are two related questions: What do you think of blogging trends (i.e., do you tend to follow, sit out, or follow only if they interest you)? Do you have interest in buying more sustainably made items for your wardrobe?
    • In general, I don't really consider myself to be a very "trendy" dresser. This is in part because my blog is mostly about my work clothes, and most trendy items aren't going to be appropriate. Another large part of that is that I have my budget that I've been sticking to for over three years. This is my way of having a more sustainable wardrobe overall. I don't buy new items to only wear once - I most buy clothes I can wear again and again. This means I buy less, get rid of less. I haven't explored many sustainably made clothes out there, but I'm definitely open to suggestions if you have companies you love!
  • I'm curious if you have any advice for put-together and attractive indoor outfits to wear home at Christmas with the family. I live in a climate where there won't be snow, but where I'll definitely want cozy-everything and MUST wear socks with slippers/indoor shoes (like your Birkenstock clogs) when indoors.
    • Yes! My biggest piece of advice is wearing comfy pants as not only will there be lots of delicious food (I'm already dreaming about the cheesy potatoes) but there's also a lot of moving around. I recommend a pair of ponte pants - I just ordered these from Express as mine are pretty worn out (review coming as soon as they arrive!). Pair your comfy pants with a cute and cozy sweater, like this tie cardigan from Modcloth. All in all you'll be comfy, warm, and super cute.

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  • Center Stage is probably in my top ten favorite movies of all time - I've seen in countless times. I've recently started watching Flesh & Bone - have any of you seen it? While it's also set in the ballet world with a few overlapping actors/dancers, it's completely different, but probably even more interesting. 
  • I've had my old macbook for over five years now, and this week my screen broke. I'm so upset because the computer is still in good shape, but they said it would cost over $350 to fix the screen. UGH. 
  • CR and I spent the day in Pittsburgh yesterday, doing some Christmas shopping, getting some of the best thai food, and celebrating a friend's birthday. I love weekends between rotations :) Next up - IM for me, infectious disease for him! It should be an interesting month.