Sunday, December 27, 2015

top three [12.27.2015]

a white blouse always works

on the internet

  • "Do not make your first photo after you got engaged of you as Jake from State Farm and Flo from Progressive. You owe it to yourself." Preach, girl
  • How freaking CUTE is Tam in her little snow bunny outfit? I'm almost sad we haven't seen any snow yet. Almost. 
  • Jess and I started blogging around the same time, and I'm so happy to see that she is as genuine now as she was four years ago. I loved reading her thoughts on the topic of blogging this week. 

  • I love that Sole Society creates bags inspired by much more expensive bags. Their current crossbody bag is fairly similar to Gucci's Lady Web bag - while I of course would love the Gucci, the Sole Society bag is a great inexpensive alternative!
  • My preferred work-out pants are from Old Navy - they are great quality for the price, especially when you get them on sale. My favorite style just came out with this fun mesh panel on them that I'm definitely ordering. 
  • If we were a little closer to warmer weather (winter is fun!...), I would be all about this peplum top from Anthropologie - I just imagine it would be adorable with dark wash skinny jeans and colorful shoes!

  • I noticed you got new glasses-- they look great! Are those also from your Aunt's shop in Germany? I'm always on the lookout for cute frames :)
    • They are! I'm very lucky that I have a family member who is an optometrist and owns her own store, so I get a new pair of glasses about every three years. My current glasses are from a German brand called i-spax. That probably doesn't help most of my US readers though :(
  • How you overcame feeling faint when observing/doing medical procedures? I recently shadowed a physician and he starting pulling bloody gauze out of a patient's nose and I fainted. I fell flat of my face and luckily walked away with only a bloody nose (and enough embarrassment to last me a year)! I can watch surgeries all day on the internet but I am terrified that I will faint again once I see the gore in person. Any suggestions for this pre-med?
    • So the exact same thing happened to me when I was shadowing one of my first times - I just literally fell forward on my face and got a bloody lip. And I'll be honest, it has taken a long time to get over that - there were a couple of other fainting spells since (like during a breast augmentation the year before I started school). I did shadow a doctor who made me be really hands on and forced me to just kind of face it. He wouldn't let me quit putting in stitches - in fact, he threw some water in my face and told me that if I didn't finish it, I'll never get over feeling faint. So that's what I've done - I shadowed and made myself look at things long enough, and then excused myself so I wouldn't fall on patients ;) But honestly, being in anatomy lab for school and then again the summer between first and second year helped a ton with the fainting feeling. Once I got to my surgery rotation, I didn't feel faint a single time. Plus by the time you get to that point, you're so focused on what the doctor is doing and the anatomy and what questions they may ask you that you probably won't even really think about what you are actually looking at. 
  • Viewing Instagram and all the pretty polished fashion and decor blogs leaves me feeling so inadequate, broke and miserable. How do you combat those feelings of wanting a perfect space and closet and life?
    • Honestly? I unfollow those people. It sounds extreme, but I found myself being really resentful and bitter about certain aspects of other people's lives - their money, their free time, their homes, their free vacations. If I was just following those people for their pictures (instead of feeling like I had a personal connection with them), but they made me bitter instead of inspired, I just removed them from my feed. It has helped SO MUCH in those feelings of inadequacy that are so rampant on social media. I find that looking for the things that make you happy is a lot more fun than looking for things that make you bitter, so why have those feeds be the ones you see if they don't make you happy? Instead, find people who do inspire you, who are doing things that are inspiring, and look for your own happiness in your life to share. I would love a perfect house I got to decorate, beautiful shoes that others find impractical but look so good on instagram, and free vacations to Bora Bora. Instead I look for the good in my life - the career I'm working so hard for, the animals who love me, and the cute little moments around me, and share those. I know that being authentic on social media goes a lot further in the long run. And as always, remember that that a person's highlights in life they share on the internet are not their whole life. 

notable sales
  • Banana Republic: 50% off sale items
    • Their xo pajamas are the cutest - not just for Valentine's day (too soon?)
    • There are a ton of gold sequin skirts out there, but their silver version would be a fun alternative. It also comes in black sequins!
    • While not inexpensive, the hem of this peacoat is too pretty not to consider. 
  • J.Crew: 30% off most items + 40% off sale items
    • Their excursion vests are now heavily discounted - if you are petite, they have even more options! Go for the red version, for me! And if the solid colors aren't your style, their buffalo plaid vest is on sale too. 
    • Their classic ballet flats are now on major discount too - which one of their classic colors is your favorite? 
    • If you will be in warmer weather any time soon, this cap sleeved dress is pretty darn cute. The cream version would be fun for a party, and the navy would be great for a wedding!
  • Nordstrom: sales picks
  • PS: Ann Taylor is still offering 60% off today! This excludes new arrivals, but I highly suggest their "blanket" scarf (I'm getting the grey's definitely not a huge blanket scarf) or their quilted Chanel-lookalike flats!

on franish

  • Did you all have a good Christmas? We were in upstate New York with CR's family - we didn't get a white Christmas (it was 65 degrees!) but it really was wonderful. Coming from a small family that is spread all over the globe, it is always so interesting to see his giant family come together. 
  • Like I mentioned above, we are hosting a little NYE party at our house. I'm thinking champagne jello shots and these ginger + whiskeys will definitely be happening!
  • Coming up this week on here will be my budget post tomorrow (are you ready to link up?!), possibly a post on my favorite mascara combo, and a post on working on your finances in the new year! If there is ever a type of post you are interested in, please let me know!