Wednesday, December 9, 2015

what's in my bag?

whats in my bag
I did a what's in my bag post at the beginning of first year, and since it's been a few years, I thought an updated post would be fun! This is generally what I take with me every day. It changes a little bit based on each rotation, but this is what I pulled out this week! I'm currently using my Mulberry Bayswater purse as it sits next to me all day when I'm in the hospital (ie it's not stuffed into a locker or in a not secure area like on other rotations). 

  1. Keys: obviously. My monogrammed keychain is from Baublebar and I'm obsessed with it (it would make a great Christmas present if you still need to find a present for someone - it's currently at least 20% off). I also have all of my keys on my removable keychain that is just the handiest little thing.
  2. Phone charger: on rotations with longer hours, or more down time, my battery doesn't always last the whole day, so having a portable charger has been a lifesaver! Mine is from Anker, and I get about 1.25 charges out of one charge. 
  3. Snacks! this varies daily - sometimes it's a bar, sometimes it's hardboiled eggs, or turkey sticks
  4. Mints: because of #3...and coffee. 
  5. ID + #veratheuterus
  6. Study material: this is one of those things that changes on a monthly basis. As I'm starting my IM rotations next week, I'm trying to do a little pre-reading so I'm not 100% clueless...just 99% ;)
  7. Wallet: I've had the same Kate Spade wallet for about four years now, and I just can't see myself parting from it. It's called the travel wallet - I don't think they make this style anymore, which is sad because mine is starting to be a bit worn. I may or may not have this with me, it depends if I have a secure location to keep my bag. If I don't, then I keep just my debit card + cash in my white coat. 
  8. Pouch: The easiest way to move things from one purse to another. Mine is from my Ipsy shipments - those little bags are so handy to have!
  9. Hand cream: because frequent hand washing is drying
  10. Sheer lipstick: this YSL color in sheer candy adds just a hint of pink without being lipstick
  11. Friction block: for when your shoes aren't as broken in as you thought they were
  12. Ultra-moisturizing chapstick: I've really been loving the tinted version from Kari Gran
  13. Phone (my cover is from Rifle Paper Company - shopbop has some adorable covers available right now too!