Sunday, December 6, 2015

top three [12.06.2015]


  • The word cancer comes from the greek word 'karkinos' because when looked at a tumor grossly, it looks like the body of a crab with legs that reach into the body.
  • In two years time, cancer will kill more people than all the people who died in wars the US was a part of, combined.
  • You can actually die of a broken heart - it's called Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. It presents similarly to a myocardial infarction, but when they go into "clear the block", there isn't one. Here's a quick 3 minute video that talks about it a bit more. 

on the internet

  • I've wanted a knit moto jacket every since I saw Bri's, so Halogen's newest version is definitely on my wish list. The heather grey is so beautiful!
  • If only I lived in a part of the country that didn't have real winters! I would 100% own this open front coat - how pretty is that pattern?!
  • My almost all black bottoms part of my wardrobe makes it easy and quick to get ready most mornings, but I'm also a bit (a lot) bored with it. A reader asked recently how to wear a camel skirt, and after thinking of at least three ideas on the top of my head with items in my own closet, I convinced myself that it would be the perfect addition to my own work closet. Now I'm just waiting for J.Crew to have a good sale so I can pick up the skirt for myself! 

ask me anything
  • How many shoes do you own?
    • I own 4 pairs of boots (Hunters, a black pair, a tan pair, and a snow boots pair), 8 pairs of flats, 4 pairs of heels/wedges, and 5 pairs of sandals. Plus a few pairs of tennis shoes/clogs for working out and when I wear scrubs (my favorites are Birks!). I could probably cut out a few of those flats and sandals though, as I really only wear like three pairs of flats, and two of the sandals.
  • I believe you mentioned that you attend a school of osteopathic medicine. What made you choose DO versus the traditional MD path?
    • It kinda chose me! I was a fairly average applicant when it came to applying to medical school, so I wanted to keep my options open by applying to both allopathic and osteopathic med schools. I got into my school, and here I am!
  • One thing I am nosy about is what's in your bag! I love those tumblrs where people take a snapshot of the contents of their bag. Although sometimes it's totally posed/fake, I still enjoy it!
    • This is oddly one of my most asked questions! My post about that will be up later this week :)

on franish
  • on the blog: holiday present gift guide for medical students
  • on the instagram: wearing this #ootd for the rest of the winter (the top is from Loft, and sizes keep popping back every few hours it seems, so keep an eye on it if you are interested!)
  • on the twitter: wasn't I just starting first year? I can't believe we start figuring out our residency applications in 6 months. EEK!

notable sales

  • We spent Friday night watching some "childhood classics". Do you guys remember Wish Upon A Star? It was like my absolute favorite movie when I was in middle school. Then we watched Look Who's Talking, which was my youngest sister's "movie" (you know, the one she watched every single day for an entire summer). It was the perfect evening. 
  • A few weeks ago, I surprised CR with some tickets to see his favorite football team, the Buffalo Bills. The game is today, and I couldn't be more excited! I have only been to a few Packer games when I was in the UW Marching band, so I'm excited to experience it as just a fan. And I'm super excited to see how excited he is :)
  • One more week of pathology, and then IM starts. For those of you who have gone through it, any advice?