Monday, March 14, 2016

review: work pants are the worst.

While I love how cute and fun dresses are, I'm really a pants girl - I just feel so much more comfortable wearing pants than I do wearing things that really show off my legs. Unfortunately, I find that finding the right pair of pants can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, especially when you try to do it through online shopping. Below are a few items I've tried over the last few weeks - I couldn't find any reviews online for these pants, so hopefully this helps a few other ladies out there who also suffer through the process of finding pants!
Ryan-Fit Gray Slim-Straight Pant
The Ryan fit is a new style of pants from Banana Republic that's described as a slim-straight silhouette that is slim through the hip and thigh. Above I'm wearing the 12 with a long inseam. I like the fit from the waist to the upper thigh - it's fitted without being too tight and it sits high enough so you aren't going to accidentally show off your underwear when bending over. It's really from the knee down that is what makes me not like these pants - they are just too baggy and honestly too long on me (I should probably just have gone with the regular inseam). This could be fixed with a good tailor of course, but I wasn't sure if I really wanted to spend $90 on a pair of pants (since they are a BR Pick, you can't get a discount on them) and then pay another $40 for tailoring on a pair of pants that wouldn't be as versatile as my $40 black pants. At this time, while I partially like the fit, the color and the fabric (it's cotton/rayon/spandex mix so it's comfortable and stretchy, and most importantly, not itchy) of these grey Ryan pants, the cost and problems with the lower leg fit makes this one not a winner.

Ryan-Fit Chambray Lightweight Wool Slim-Straight Pant
Here are supposedly the same pant style, this time in a 12 regular, in a light weight wool chambray fabric. As you can see, the chambray fabric of these pants shows a lot more wrinkling and stretching than the other pants did. There is too much pulling around the thigh in these pants, and again the lower part of the pant is way too loose on me. I knew the second I pulled these on that these were going right back. I could, of course, size up and have the whole pants tailored, but again, the $100 price tag + tailoring for blue pants is not really something I'm willing to do right now.  It's worth noting also that these pants are both dry-clean only.

As you know, I'm a huge Loft fan - probably 75% of my clothes are from there now...but I've never tried pants from there before. Based on the description for their two pairs of pants, the Julie, described as those for a smaller waist and curvier hips, were probably meant for me. I've been eyeing up the mosaic print pants for a while, so I finally decided to try them out in the Julie fit. Above I'm wearing a 10 tall. While they buttoned and what not, they are obviously way too tight...


...which is why I also ordered a 12 tall at the same time. These fit slightly better. I found that they ride a little high (they go up past my belly button), and that there is too much fabric around the front (as you can see in the picture on the right). I know that these things would bother me too much to wear without tailoring, and I just don't think I have enough "fun" rotations that these would be appropriate for (like my peds rotation coming up) that a $60 pair of ill fitting patterned pants aren't worth keeping. 

That being said, I would love to try out the different fits of pants that Loft offers, since if one of the style fits me, I can easily stock up on a few different colors. The Marissa fit comes in a really cute red style that is fun but can be worn more often, so during the next good sale I'll probably order a few pairs to try out. I know some of you swear by pants from Loft, so please let me know if you have any tips on styles!

Next is that spotted pocket blouse I mentioned a few weeks ago. My blue pocket blouse is a tall medium, and I love that it's a bit longer on me. This red spotted blouse unfortunately didn't come in a tall, so I went with a large. While I would have preferred to also purchase the top in a tall, I think it works fine in the regular length. There's not much else to say other than that it's a cute top, it'll be perfect for work (no cleavage!), and you should get it so we can match ;)

Striped Pocket Blouse

...oh, and I picked up the striped version too ;) Again, would have loved the tall version, but a large works fine too. I've already worn it twice. 

Pointelle Ribbed Sweater
Here's one that unfortunately didn't work out for me. This is the pointelle ribbed sweater and I'm wearing a large in the mauve color. This sweater is a nice sweater - it's 100% cotton, has an appropriate deep v-neck, and the pointelle dotting on the sides are a cute touch...but I just didn't love it. I feel it's just slightly too small on me - like if it had come in a tall (I know I keep harping on that, but it really does make as much of a difference for us taller ladies as it does for the petite ladies out there) then it would have had that slightly oversized (but not too baggy) look that would be perfect for the weekend. I know that Sarah, who is on the other side of the size spectrum, also got it recently and loves it though, so if you have had your eye on it, give it a try as it may work better on  you than it did on me. 
Scalloped sleeve mix-lace top
And for my last trick, this pretty scalloped top from Gap! I was in Pittsburgh yesterday, and saw this on the racks while I was in line to return a previous order. I stepped out of line specifically to try it on, and am so glad I did! I'm wearing an XL here, so definitely size up if you are interested (I'm usually between a medium and a large in most tops). I just think this top is so freaking cute - I can easily wear this to work, but it can also be dressed down with some jeans or shorts. The greatest thing about this top? FULL SHORT SLEEVES! 

Alright, that's all from me. Like I said, work pants are a pain to shop for, so if you have a favorite pair you swear by, I'd really love to hear about them! I'm still planning on buying a second pair of my beloved black Limited pants in the near future, but I can't wear black pants alllll the time (or can I?).