Sunday, June 9, 2013

the only wedding of the season

Last night my college girlfriend Carrie (whose bachelorette party I went to a few weeks ago) got married! As it turns out, the seven weddings I thought I was going to go to this summer has been cut down to just this one, and I'm so happy that the one I could go to would be Carrie's - she's been with her now husband for over a decade! School starting means that I can't go to four of them and my newly booked trip to Germany cuts out the other two. 

Wedding attire has always been kind of a struggle for me. I don't really like spending money on clothes I only wear once a year, so in the past I've never been to comfortable with what I was wearing. I was thrilled when I found this J.Crew dress at Goodwill for a mere $7 a few weeks ago. The style is almost exactly like the version currently in store but for much less. It was also the first time I wore my new Cole Haan heels outside of playing around with my school clothes. I never wear heels (because I can't to work), so my feet definitely aren't used to having the pressure on the balls of my feet instead of comfortably evenly distributed. Although my feet aren't used to it, they were as comfortable as they could be. Usually my feet don't fit the shoes correctly, or I'm slipping out, or the sides rub the wrong way, but that wasn't the case here! I will be adding some pads to the balls of the shoe, and then I think they'll be set. I'm very happy with that purchase!

Dress: J.Crew, thrifted [current version....which is crazy]
Necklace: Jewelmint [exact]
Clutch: from a Julep box [save | beautiful splurge]
Shoes: Cole Haan via eBay [exact]
and a terrible lighted reception picture. how beautiful is Carrie?

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