Wednesday, June 26, 2013

june budget

1. Gap Swiss Dot Henley [seen here] - originally $55, on sale/discount for $33: I purchased this shirt as a way to get free shipping, but also because I was a little bit interested in after seeing it hanging in stores. I really liked it when I first tried it on, and when I wore it a few days ago, but then throughout the day I was getting a bit annoyed with it - it fits me well in the shoulders/arms but is way too loose in the waist. I think I'm going to take in the sides like I have with my chambray popover and polka dot popover so it gives a bit more definition, something someone with my figure desperately needs.

2. Target Sandals [seen here] - $20

3. Old Navy shorts - on sale for $7, with giftcard $0

4. Tabita Skirt via eBay [seen here] - $20

5. J.Crew Factory Shorts [seen here]: on sale for $20

6. Old Navy shorts [seen here]- on sale for $7, with gift card $5: rounding out the shorts purchases of the month as inspired by Whitney.

7. Gap Dress - on sale/promotion for $33: This was the dress I purchased with my set aside money for a dress I can wear for several different occasions so really it's $0 in the budget. I ended up getting it online for half the price it was going for in stores. I wore it to a birthday party this past weekend but I was constantly tugging at the slip inside - it barely covered my butt so I always felt like I was showing the good China even though everything was covered. I think I need to invest in a good slip anyway, so this is a perfect reason to get one.

Not pictured: Gap Outlet shorts ($20), J.Crew Factory Skirt ($20), Banana Factory Top ($20), Gap Outlet Sandals ($10), Forever 21 Scarf ($10), Thrifted Red Skirt ($4), Thrifted J.Crew Blazer ($4)

= $178 - $80 sold = $98 overall

Although I've spent half of the month not at work, and therefore more time with opportunities to go spend money, I did very well this month when it comes to my budget! There are several reasons for that - I felt I needed to hold on to my money a little tighter now that I don't have any income until I receive my student loan money in August, I did a ton of window shopping but not much felt good on, and I was lucky enough to receive a few nice pieces from sponsors and through Everlane credits that that "need" of wanting something new went away.

For July I plan on rolling over that extra money as I will be in Seattle for the first part of the month and plan on doing some shopping/damage with Kimmie, Bri, and Katrina. I don't have many items I'm really on the hunt for (except I'm still waiting for my black pants for school to come back in my size at Banana Republic) so I'll just go into it with an open mind although I would like to add a special piece or two now that I'm pretty set on basics. I also have my $100 giftcard I won from the Chippmunk contest (huge congrats to Kimmie for winning the grand prize! Of course I would have loved to win, but Kimmie is on such a tight budget every year that I know she'll get a ton of use out of it, plus having a close friend win is almost just as good) that I choose to get from J.Crew so I can specifically order this blazer that I've been eyeing for months now! You know what it'll look good with? EVERYTHING


Anyway, how did it all go down for you this month? Great? Poorly? WHAT BUDGET?! Link up below with the other budgeting bloggers! Please make sure you link back to this post so that your readers can find other great bloggers to read and follow.