Monday, June 17, 2013

spend all the money!

On Sunday, my friend Lizzi and I met up early with iced coffees in hand for a little trip down the highway to go outlet shopping. Lizzi and I go outlet shopping together about once a year (last year we went before we saw Florence and the Machine. I miss my long hair). As a general rule, we always tell ourselves not to buy something just because it's inexpensive and I think we did pretty good this year! I purchased this pair of shorts and this skirt (seen here) at the J.Crew Factory store, and a sleeveless top from the Banana Republic Factory store. I ended up getting that pair of denim shorts I was interested in from the Gap Outlet store as well as a pair of leather sandals. I originally also purchased a pair of floral shorts (seen here) but I returned them after purchasing the J.Crew shorts as I figured the J.Crew ones would be more versatile. I think I'm now pretty set on summer bottoms! Lizzi found a few adorable polka dot dresses (including this beauty but in blue with red polka dots) as well as buying this linen skirt which I also own. Love those 50% the entire store days :)  

On Saturday I spent a bit of time out with my mom and sister Karoline. My mom and I went to but didn't have much luck at Goodwill - all I found was a pair of Nike gym shorts for school (we have a lab where we practice on each other so I need some not completely ratty work out clothes). We then went to the mall to meet up with Karoline. We were just browsing around the Gap when my mom spotted this dress - it's basically all the things I love (popover, polka dots, rolled up sleeves) combined. I fell in love with it on the spot (as seen here). I used the money I had set aside last month that I originally intended for this dress that didn't look great in person. I purchased it for the full price in store, but went home to find it online reduced down to $50, plus another 35% off meant it cost $33 as compared to $70. I included this shirt to get the free shipping, and together they were still less than the dress in store! I will be returning the dress from the store as soon as the dress from online arrives. I'm so excited to wear it, and I'm so happy I didn't buy that J.Crew dress. I feel this one will get so much more wear.

Tee: Everlane
Shorts: Old Navy [exact]
Belt: Old Navy
Purse: Coach via Etsy [current style]
Shoes: Target [similar]

and here's what Lizzi wore! Does her skirt look familiar? It's the Fran skirt that I also own
Hope you are all having a great Monday - I'm off playing doctor!