Sunday, December 7, 2014

top three [12.07.14]

maroon scarves forever: one | two | three | similar scarf here

  • Clothing makes the doctor. Such an interesting read about what patients want their doctors to wear, the safety concerns about certain items (ties that aren't clipped), and how different clothing styles are perceived. (Thanks to Coree for tweeting me the link to this article!)
  • I spent a morning shadowing our local pathologist and really liked it. Granted, I was only there for four hours, but I found it so interesting, and there are certain aspects that I think I would really enjoy.  I'm going to make sure I do an elective in it next year to see how I really feel about it, but it's definitely something I never saw myself doing but could see it now...
  • There's a type of tumor (a pheochromocytoma) that in rare cases can grow in the bladder, which results in hypertension, flushing, post-urination fainting, and other sympathetic signs when you pee. Every time you pee! 

  • I've been looking for a portable charger that plugs directly into my iPhone and I finally found the perfect one, and it just happens to be adorable to boot. It comes in pink and gold too!
  • Fair isle leggings are a thing...a thing I want on my legs all of Christmas break.
  • I wish I had an event to go to, because this dress is lacey, beautiful, and would be hanging in my closet just waiting to be taken out for a spin.

On the Internet
  • Maya may have picked out the cutest possible background ever. She's so dang pretty.
  • I'm so happy that Grace is back! I really enjoyed her Whole 30 recap - I made her give me the recipes so I can incorporate sweet potatoes into our diet in new ways (as "buns" and as a crust!)
  • And my other favorite Grace is wearing an entire outfit of things I would love to own. Doesn't she look so beautiful? 

On Franish

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  • The last three weeks of school are in full swing and it is killing me slowly. My poor boyfriend - I've had several moments of weakness/stress this week that ended in tears. They're just really piling it all on at the end of the semester! 11 more days until sweet sweet Christmas break freedom.
  • In addition to school stress, we also signed up for boards this week. May 21st is the date - I'm so nervous! This test determines what residencies we are competitive for, so it really does determine the rest of your (professional) life. For those who have gone through Step 1 - any tips? 
  • And on a positive note, my girlfriends and I are throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party on Tuesday after our exam and I'm so excited. We're making this punch, wearing these headbands, and taking as many ridiculous pictures as possible.