Tuesday, December 16, 2014

what I should have done differently

simple winter look: stripes and an oversized scarf
I loved this outfit the day I wore it - my pants were newly pressed, the snow was melting so I didn't have to wear boots (#hussyankles), and I got so many compliments on my new scarf (rightfully so...). Then after looking at these pictures I really thought I should have worn a blazer or more layers or something - this is kind of a boring outfit, huh? Nothing really special about it other than I liked wearing it. 

But here we are, looking at it on the internet anyway. I fight with myself a lot when it comes to picking out my outfits, and then uploading the pictures to share with you guys. I want to look nice and have it be interesting, but I also don't want to be fake, or just wear something because of the blog. I know a lot of us "every day women" bloggers struggle with that - dressing up enough to have it be worth sharing, but not dressing "for the blog". Do I think I may have been a bit lazy with this outfit? Sure - I could have layered a bit more, worn some bright lipstick, maybe tried to tame the frizz or made sure my shirt was properly tucked in (whoops!), but in the end, this blog is still a learning experience for me, my body, and my closet. 

Things I do know though? That this scarf is amazing and as soon as it stops being a BR Pick, everyone should buy it so we can all be twins. You'll love it, I promise.
banana republic sophia scarf
what to wear with a blanket scarf
Tee: Ann Taylor
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Scarf: Banana Republic [exact]
Shoes: J.Crew Factory [exact on sale]
Bag: Kate Spade [similar]
blanket scarf in the office, medical school dress code, what to wear to medical school, 1st year medical school dress code
sophia scarf

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