Sunday, December 28, 2014

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Notable Sales
  • Nordstrom's clearance sale has a ton of great options at super low prices. I love the wristband of this watch (currently 40% off), while these knee high boot are a steal at 50% off.
  • Banana Republic is offering an extra 50% sale items (code BRWINTER). I picked up this sweater yesterday for $11 in store (I used my BR card for another 10% off + a $10 reward!). 
  • All AE jeans are currently under $30. I know it seems a bit strange, but I really love the AE jeans. They're super soft and stretchy, they come in longs (and shorts), and you can order them online so you don't have to go into the store with all of the other 13 year olds ;)  I've worn this pair so much they now have holes in the thighs after wearing them for 4 years straight.  

  • I started my Invisalign braces this week. I had braces growing up (twice!) and even though I was the perfect patient, my teeth went back to crooked. I'm doing Invisalign for the next year to finally correct it. It's taking a bit to get used to (I have a lisp hahaha) especially when it comes to eating (you have to take the trays out whenever you eat) but I'm excited to have straight teeth at the end of this process!
  • After a week off from school, I've started gathering some of my board prep materials. I'm nervous about how much we have to learn this semester, but I'm also excited because in less than 5 months, it will all be over.
  • Christmas this year was really different, but also very special. I didn't get to spend any time with my own family, who I miss very much, but I was very much included in all of CR's family traditions and am so grateful for all of their love. I hope you all had a great holiday season!