Sunday, November 1, 2015

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just a few ways I've worn this plaid blazer

  • If I was a psychiatrist, I would spend all my time analyzing TV characters. I have diagnosed Dexter with Reactive Attachment Disorder. This disorder appears in infancy or early childhood and is characterized by a severe impairment in the ability to relate because of grossly pathological caregiving - just think of baby Dexter in that pool of blood! 
  • I've also diagnosed Sheldon with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD). OCPD is characterized by excessive concern with conformity. The individual may be rigid, overconscientious, overdutiful, overinhibited, and unable to relax. Sounds about right!
  • Pseudocyesis is when a person falsely believes she (in a few cases, he) is pregnant. Here's a <5 minutes video on it - definitely an interesting watch. 


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  • Do you have any personal rules/preferences when wearing leggings?
    • I will always wear longer shirts/sweaters. Always. No one needs to see those kind of details! My favorite leggings right now are the Zella leggings I got during the Nordstrom sale - they are so flattering!
  • I'm currently an undergraduate pre-medicine student in Michigan and I am wondering what is your biggest tip for surviving organic chemistry? This class may be the death of me!
    • I really wish I had more tips, but I kind of hated o-chem in college. The things that helped me were finding a group tutoring season - it gave you more one on one time with people who actually understand what is going on. I also watched a lot of youtube videos. And unfortunately, lots and lots of repetition and practice. Good luck - it'll be over soon enough!
  • Have you tried dress pants with booties before? I almost always wear flats with my dress pants (I am a teacher), but sometimes in the dead of winter I want to wear a more covered shoe. However, the idea of dress pants and high-heeled boots under them seems so early 2000's and so I am trying to find some sort of middle ground. Could skinny dress pants look okay with a dressier bootie? Thoughts? Have you tried this? Do you own any booties? Never seen you wear any! :)
    • I am probably the wrong person to ask this because I kinda hate winter shoes. I've never had a job where I spent a lot of time outside or going between places in the winter - when I worked in the lab, I walked in, and 9 hours later, walked out of the same building. Now that I'll be in the hospital, it's the same situation. What I do in the winter is if it is snowing or if there is a lot of snow on the ground, I'll just tuck my pants into my Hunter boots, and then change into flats as soon as I get in the building. If there is minimal snow outside, I'll just wear the flats and have cold feet for the 45 seconds of walking inside. If I know I'm going to have to move between buildings during the day, I will generally wear a skirt/dress with leather boots. I guess my suggestion would be to do the above, if you also just stay in your school building all day. I always think of it that I'd rather be annoyed for the 2 minutes of walking into a building carrying an extra pair of flats, rather than being uncomfortable for 8+ hours wearing boots inside :) And to answer your booties question - I don't own any! I really wish I had a pair that I feel comfortable in, but I have yet to find any. I also think most booties look better with a bit of a heel on them, but since I mostly stay away from heels as I'm only an inch shorter than my boyfriend, I haven't found a flat pair I like.

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  • I'm officially done with my braces on Tuesday! I go in for my last appointment to get the attachments taken off my teeth, and then I'm all done! Since my teeth shifted during the process, my half fake front tooth now does not match the other one, so I have one more step in the process until I'm completely satisfied with my teeth but either way, I'm so excited! 
  • Since coming back from NYC, I've been really excited about blogging (well, until it starts to snow....then I won't be as excited). I have some really fun posts coming up in the next couple weeks that I can't wait to show you!
  • My psychiatry rotation is half done. I switch offices now, and am with a different doctor. In my first clinic, we saw close to 80 patients a day, and now we see about 10, so it'll be an interesting change for me!