Friday, November 20, 2015

for your most organized friend

organized giftguide

I have always loved organization. Growing up I religiously used my school planner, my closet has always been color coordinated, and desk drawer was always arranged neatly. Now that I'm an "adult" (...right?), I still have a need for everything to be organized. If you have a friend like that, and are looking for a great Christmas present, I have a couple of ideas for you! I own many of these, or have gifted them to other neat freaks, so they've been vetted as great presents ;)
  1. A organizer for your jewels: The perfect way to transport jewelry, or tuck away your more precious jewelry while at home. This is actually on my own Christmas list!
  2. A keychain with quick-detaching links: My aunt got me one of these years and years ago, and I just think it's the best. It keeps your keys organized, it's easy to add new things on to the keychain, and even easier to remove them if you need to loan a key to someone. I plan on getting a couple as stocking stuffers this year!
  3. An organizer for the make-up lover: I own something very similar, and loooove it. It makes getting ready in the morning so much easier because you know exactly where to find everything. There are also a ton currently at Target (they are usually in the travel make-up bag section!)
  4. The cutest stackable boxes: This would be great for the friend who you know loves organizing, but you don't know what she may or may not need. The boxes look great by themselves, or stacked together. Wouldn't they look great on a bookshelf? 
  5. A box to show off your watch collection: I also own this, and am obsessed. I never had a good way of organizing my watches until I bought this a few years ago. If your friend has a sizable watch collection, she'll thank you over and over again for this!
  6. The best way to keep your sunglasses (and regular glasses) organized: Krista talked about this glasses organizer some months ago, and I immediately went out and bought it. It keep my favorite sunglasses (and real glasses) protected, and not at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. 
  7. A "corditto": I got CR this for Christmas last year, and because he loves organization even more than I do, he loved it. This would be great for someone who has to travel a lot, or isn't home a lot, but needs their cords with them at all times. 

Do you have a suggestion for something I've missed that we could get our more organization-focused friends? I'd love to hear them!