Sunday, November 22, 2015

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black, blush, and statement necklaces
black, blush, and statement necklaces


  • I spent some time in a blood bank this week, and it was so interesting! Over 15 million units of red blood cells are transfused every year in the US - every unit comes from a volunteer, and is screened every single time. Before you receive any blood, your blood has to be typed (several times) and then tested to make sure it is compatible with the donor blood. It was quite the process!
  • While pathology on a gross/large scale is not very pretty, I think once you get to the microscopic level, pathology can be really beautiful. Take a look at this microscopic view of colon - doesn't it look like a flower field? 
  • Progeria is a genetic disease that is characterized by a dramatic and rapid appearance of aging. It is extremely rare - one in 4 million babies are born with this disease. I first heard of this disease on a TLC show years and years ago - here's a video that covers more of this and how it affects the patients families. 

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  • It's supposed to snow this week (nooooo!) so it looks like it's time to get those winter coats out. I'm crushing on Ellen Tracy's wool coat - it comes in six beautiful colors (I love the green and the oatmeal colors!), and the higher collar is the perfect way to keep the snow off your neck. 
  • I didn't think I wanted in on the lace-up flat trend until I saw Gap's gold version - aren't they gorgeous?!
  • Target has the poncho of my sweater dreams - I'm ordering it in the brown color and plan on wearing it every weekend until April (it's also now on sale!)

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  • Given your schedule/rotations/daily life, what purpose does blogging serve now and does it give you the same satisfaction it gave you when you started?
    • Blogging now is my creative outlet, and a way of connecting with others. When I first started blogging, it really was just something to do. I was home a lot by myself, most of my college friends had moved away, and I wanted something to do instead of watching 7 hours of TV when I got home from work. Now, it's the thing that is "mine" - no one tells me what to do, I make my own schedule when it comes to posting, and it gives me an outlet for writing. It also is a way to connect with other people - moving around every few years sucks, so blogging allows me to take my online friends with me, no matter where I go :)
  • I'm the bestie of an OB-GYN and a non-doctor myself. I know you're still in school, but since you're strongly considering OB (congrats! I just had a baby and from a patient perspective, OBs are freaking awesome docs to care for 2 patients simultaneously!) I'm wondering if you have any advice on how I can best support her when I know she's had a rough day at work (or a great day!)? She's an amazingly incredible doctor and the strongest woman I know, and I just want to make sure I'm supporting her the best way I can as a friend even though I'm unfamiliar with the ins and outs of her daily work life.
    • First of all, you are such a sweet friend. Second, I think that really the best way to be a friend to a doctor is the way you are a friend to any other person. There isn't much you can probably do to make her day to day work life better, but you can be there for her afterwards, just like for every one else. Wine or coffee always helps too!
  • Help! What is your recommendation for a casual, but nice Thanksgiving outfit that will look good in photos, but also be suitable for chasing after kids and dogs?

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  • Like I mentioned earlier this week, this week I started my pathology rotation. I really loved path during my first two years of school, so I'm very excited to see it "in real life". I've watched the process from receiving the gross specimens (the parts removed during surgery), to how they are processed (so many steps!), to when they land on the doctor's microscope. While this is one of those rotation that again won't be very hands on, I'm excited to learn a ton. 
  • Earlier this week we realized that we hadn't watched part one of the Hunger Games finale, so we had ourselves a little Hunger Games marathon this weekend by watching both parts. We watched the finale Saturday night and it was so good. Definitely sad to see that series end.
  • What do you guys think of the new Adele album? I always need to hear music a few times before I warm up to, and this album was no different. I was initially a bit disappointed, probably because I wanted that immediate "OMG" feeling, but the more I listened to it and felt familiar with the songs, the more I like it. I don't think it's better than 21, but I do love it, and her.