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  • Conversion disorder is when psychological stressors manifest as physical symptoms. Examples include numbness, blindness, paralysis, and as we saw with one patient this week, seizures. This is a quick and interesting video that goes into the disorder a bit more. 
  • Nihilistic delusions are uncommon, bizarre beliefs that one is dead or one's body is breaking down, or that one does not exist. It's believed that it is a depressive form of self blame. Here's a really sad video of someone who suffers from this.
  • Rhinophyma is not a psychiatric condition. It is actually the fibrous thickening of the hose that is commonly associated with rosacea. It can actually be quite disfiguring (which can lead to pyschiatric issues, which is how I learned about it this week. 

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  • This is probably ridiculous, but I am dying to know if there's a good answer! I am preparing to have surgery next week and have once again, as with all prior surgeries, been forbidden to wear makeup or nail polish on the day of surgery. It's a laparoscopic abdominal surgery and I will be under general anesthesia. For the life of me, I can't understand how some foundation or mascara would interfere with surgery! Is there any logic behind this? I really don't even care that much (I'm totally fine going sans makeup)'s just always stuck out to me as such a bizarre rule!
    • I assume it has to do with looking for clues in your physical appearance to see how you are doing while you are under. Doctors can get a lot by just pressing on your nails and seeing if they refill quickly (it's called the capillary refill test). In addition, the anesthesiologists may put various electrodes and tools on your face (to test your muscle relaxation or to see if you have a fever), and foundation may interfere with that. I don't have an explanation for the mascara, but I assume the medical community decided it would just be easier to have a blanket "no make-up at all" statement. I hope that helps explain a little bit - best of luck with your surgery!!
  • Considering that you're both busy with school/work, how do you both balance your home in terms of cooking and cleaning?
    • It generally changes from month to month for us, depending who is on a busier rotation. We don't really have our "chores" but overall, I do more of the cooking and CR does more of the cleaning. On months one of us is as the hospital, the other may take over a few more of the responsibilities, but luckily that evens out over time :)
  • As a fashion-blog reader, do you have any tips for controlling the urge to buy all the cute things you see on your favorite blogs?
    • Yep - have a budget! Honestly, that's what I had to do. I have very little self control when it comes to buying cute things, which is why I had to start having a budget back in the day. Knowing you only have a finite amount of money to spend makes you really think about buying something!

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  • I'm still a snapchat noob and just figured out how to make it that you can send me snaps - feel free to send me questions, say hi, or just send me pictures of your pets :) find me at @fhasselhof
  • Anum, a fellow female medical student, has started a series on women in medicine. Check out her interview with me here! Thanks for having me, lady!
  • Greetings from Tampa! My childhood best friend got married yesterday, and I'm here fulfilling my bridesmaid duties :) It's crazy to see the girl who was your best friend growing up become a woman marrying the love of her life. When did we all become adults?!