Friday, July 27, 2012

July Budget

1. Stila Liquid Eyeliner: $20 + with trade in of a luminizer I did not love = $0
2. J. Crew Perfect Linen Shirt: $79.50 + on sale + 40% off sale = $30     {seen here}
3. Forever 21 Tear Drop Necklace: $8 + trade in store credit = $0            {seen here}
4. Gap Plaid Shirt: $49.95 + on sale + 40% off = $14                               {seen here}
5. Express Zelda Jeans: $79.99 + $30 off $75 purchase: $50                    {seen here}
6. Gap Market V-Neck: $22.95 + 40% = $14                                           {seen here}
7. Target Mali Flat: $19.99 + 50% off + giftcard = $0                              {seen here}
8. Equipment Signature Blouse: on Ebay for $50                                      {seen here}

July Purchases = $158

I did much better this month than last month! Looking at my purchases all written out I realize that I rarely buy anything at full retail price - I'm not sure if I'm smart or just cheap. I also purchased less items this month, but I feel they are pieces that will last me longer, especially my Equipment blouse. As I mentioned, I think I'm going to cut back on purchases in August to save a little money for fall purchases like new boots and sweaters. Especially with medical school application fees and car payments starting (woof), I'm glad that I stuck to my budget this month.

How did you do this month? Were you tempted by all of the holiday sales? Feel free to link-up below to share how you did with your budget this month!