Sunday, July 1, 2012

Work It Out

Although I've been going to the gym consistently for months now, I find I don't enjoy anything as much as I enjoy running. After seeing many of my IRL friends and online friends training for half-marathons, I knew that having that "end goal" would keep me accountable. I'm signing up for the Madison Mini Marathon in August, so I have 6 weeks to prepare. I ran 5 miles today...only 8 more to go (eek!). Having work out clothes that fit you well, and that you enjoy putting on makes the whole 'running outside in the heat' thing a lot more enjoyable. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Top: When I'm running outside, I like to wear the work out tanks that have a built-in bra. It helps everything stay put, allows me to keep my neck bare (I'm really claustrophobic...I know, its weird) and whisks away the sweat.
Shorts: I like the Nike Phantom shorts because they have a pair of compression shorts built in to the outer shorts. It keeps the chafing at bay, and minimizes a ton of awkward adjusting.
Bra: If nothing else, a good sports bra is a must, no matter your bra size. I really like the Nike Compression sports bras. I have several pairs that have last me years without stretching.
Shoes: I currently have an older pair of running shoes that are still holding up (no foot pain yet!) but I'm going invest in a new pair of Asics once my current pair starts to go.  
Watch: It doesn't have to be anything fancy, a $5 watch from Walmart does the trick for me.
Hair band: Because running with hair in your face sounds like my worst nightmare.