Saturday, September 22, 2012

Twenty Five

It's my birthday this weekend (technically it was Friday). I was unsure how I felt about the day going in, but then a coworker older and wiser than I am told me that growing old is a privilege denied to many, and you know, that's so true. I've had a great 25 years so far and I'm excited what else life has in store for me. There is so much I want to do and see, so here are 30 things that I hope I can look back on in 5 years and be thankful for the life I've had the privilege of living.

30 before 30

  1. Get into medical school...
  2. ...and graduate/live through it
  3. Swim with dolphins
  4. Visit Norway to meet my aunt and cousins
  5. Get married
  6. Start a family
  7. See Coldplay and Adele live
  8. Run a marathon (I've done a half!)
  9. Buy a Chanel bag
  10. Find a charity I'm really passionate about
  11. Live and love in a new city
  12. See my brother graduate from college
  13. Go on another road trip out west
  14. Make a dress from scratch
  15. Buy a piece of furniture I will still own in 50 years
  16. Find the perfect LBD
  17. Build up a savings account enough to not be able to work for a few months
  18. Stay connected with my closest friends while making new ones
  19. Plan an awesome 30th anniversary party for my parents
  20. Take my sisters on vacation
  21. Mend the relationship with my grandparents before it's too late
  22. Go kayaking somewhere awesome that isn't a lake in Madison
  23. Learn how to make steaks like my father does
  24. Take an art class
  25. Learn how to properly use my DSLR - no more automatic!
  26. Buy a bike so Chris and I can go on actual bike rides together
  27. Go whale watching
  28. Actually see more of Germany than just the cities I have family in
  29. Take Bear and Hans lure coursing as I think it would be their favorite thing of all time
  30. Be happy and content with myself, my life, and those around me