Monday, October 29, 2012

On Layering


Fall means for most of us cooler regions means dropping temperatures, and dropping temperatures means more clothes. We're all about the layering. I look to other women out there and  see the way they layer and I say to myself "Self, you have those pieces in your closet - do that!". So then I pin all of these pictures and tell myself I'm going to recreate them.

And then every morning when I'm trying to figure out what to wear, I think today's the day I'm going to be one of those people that effortlessly layer...and it never turns out right. I know my expectations of what I want it to look like are too high - my body is not like Lilly's, so why would the clothes look like that on me? The layers end up bulky and instead of defining anything, my boobs just become a blob with my waist, making me look heavier and flabbier than I am. So then I go back to boring shirts and scarves because that's what I kind of know how to do.

And then I'm upset all over again for falling into the trap I started this blog to avoid. My outfits become repetitious and bore me, so I'm sure they are boring you. How does one break out of this trap? How do I prevent looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy when trying to layer? Help me internet.


Shirt: H&M
Scarf: Present from my sister

Belt: Madewell  {similar}
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Tory Burch  {exact}
Watch: Target  {only in stores}
Bracelet: DIY