Sunday, January 12, 2014


Our second semester of school officially started on Monday, and it feels like we never even left. We got two weeks of vacation, and most of that was spent either driving home, making a little pit stop in St. Louis for a night on our way to Alabama, or enjoying the balmy (~40 degree) weather in Gulf Shores. I went to bed as late as I wanted, and slept in as late as possible every day - it was amazing. It was also spent trying to get back to school - it took nearly twice as long to get here as you couldn't go more than 40 mph on the interstate and I maaaaaaayyyyy have ended up in a ditch at one point. Whoops!

But anyway, school. This semester we are finishing out core (so last semester we did basic biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, and immunology) and this semester we do the basic pathology and pharmacology, and then we start into systems. I'm excited but really really nervous. I'll be spending more time in actual lectures too, which means I'll have a reason to actually put some thought into what I wear, as opposed to the end of last semester where I got to bum around my house most of the time. 

Dress: Old Navy
Scarf: gift from White Coat Wardrobe
Boots: Frye [exact]
Tights: Target [exact]
Belt: H&M