Thursday, February 27, 2014

february budget

Target Flats: $20
Loft Tee: originally $30, on sale for $12
Forever 21 Scarf [seen here]: $10
Anne Emma Necklace [seen here]: $15

February budget = $57

Left for the quarter: $463

So this is the least amount of money I've spent on clothing in a really long time. I've been busy with core ending and systems starting, so I haven't had much time to online or in store shop. The one time I did go, this past weekend, I didn't find anything I liked besides the striped shirt, which I already own in pink. I think it's definitely partially due to being sick of winter clothes, but being no where near being able to wear spring clothes as it continues to snow

Thank you so much for all of your tips about getting out of the shopping rut on that post!! I've been spending some time looking online at stores I don't typically shop at like ASOS and Dorothy Perkins, and signed up to try out StitchFix for a month just to try something new. I know several of you have tried it and liked it, so I'm hoping I'll have similar experiences. Many people also have suggested JC Penneys, which is actually one of the few stores left in our local mall, so I will definitely have to check it out next weekend after this upcoming exam.

After returning the Banana Republic peplum top because it was actually a really flimsy material rather than a structured top as I had assumed (it looks like the one commenter agrees with me), I've kept my eye out for something similar. This one via Nordstrom looks to be a lot more structured so I may just try it out (no harm done since it's free shipping and returns). I'm also keeping an eye out for a J.Crew promotion so I can try this dress (it looks gorgeous in real life!), and these pants for the spring (if it ever shows up).

I know that I'm not really straying too far from the stores I usually shop at, but I am trying to keep an open mind about new styles of items and ways to wear them. Sometimes the problem with having a budget is that I want to squeeze the most out of that I can. I've definitely learned a lot about shopping and buying clothes that fit me and my life over the last two years of budgeting, but I still haven't completely figured it out. I think it's important to realize that sometimes it's okay to spend a bit more on pieces that will also get a lot of wear and love. I definitely have to find a balance between getting as much out of my budget as possible, and only buying pieces I'm really excited about. Thank you for supporting me on this little journey, and for all of your advice so far!

The ladies that link up every month for Budgeting Bloggers have been a huge influence on me, so please make sure you visit them and see what they've been up to this month!