Thursday, November 7, 2019

recent beauty faves

I'm so excited to talk a bit about a few recent beauty favorites from the last six months. I have lots of holy grail items I've been using for years (my eyeliner, powder foundation, and dry shampoo, which currently comes with an extra mini bottle fyi) but I do love playing around with new items and finding new favorites. With Sephora's holiday sale starting today, I thought it would be a good time to share a few of the items I've really grown to love!

Amika Purple Shampoo // As a life long (highlight getting) blond, I only started using purple shampoos like two years ago! They make SUCH a difference! My highlights/balayage stays brighter so much longer. I've tried several different brands at different price points, and this has been my favorite - the actual shampoo is thick and a deep purple, lathers nicely for a sulfate-free shampoo, and one bottle lasts me about six months. For $20, I can't really complain! If you want a drug store conditioner, I've been using L'Oreals Ever Pure conditioner for years and really like it!

Beauty Pie's Vitamin C capsules // I have plans to dedicate a whole blog post about my experience with Beauty Pie in the next month or so (I'm putting in an order for a few more products on Saturday when my monthly membership renews), but I've already found several items I absolutely love. I've been a long time fan of Vitamin C products - they have helped lighten up my acne scarring and keep my skin looking refreshed (here's a more in depth article about the benefits of Vitamin C). I've enjoyed the Paula's Choice serum as well as Kiehl's, but Vitamin C is fairly unstable and needs to be in sealed and dark containers, which is why these individual shells is the perfect storage for this serum! I use it every morning under my moisturizer. I've been using it for two months now, and am re-ordering another bottle this weekend. It's my favorite skincare product of the last year! If you want to try out Beauty Pie, you can use my referral to get your first month membership for free.

Hourglass's Ambient Light powder // I first heard about this on Jaclyn Hill's youtube, and finally broke down last year, and bought the mini version. I ended up using it every day, and a few months ago bought the full size version. I use this on light make up days (ie at work) as an eyeshadow base, and then lightly swiped across my cheeks and nose as a light highlight. It's just so pretty and the regular size is going to last forever (I wish I had just purchased the full size from the get go - a mini is 1.4 oz for $24, and for $48, you get 10 oz!). Love love love. This would also make a great present!

Beauty Pie's Sleep Oil // I have been using face oils on and off for years now...but it turns out, I was using it ALL WRONG all that time! I was putting it on over serums and under moisturizer, but actually face oils don't moisturize your face, they lock in the moisture. derp. Anyway, since realizing my mistake, I've been happily using Beauty Pie's sleep oil correctly, and it's becoming my favorite step in my night time routine. I pat on a few drops all over my face and wake up with soft and glowy skin every morning. If you're thinking about trying out Beauty Pie, I'd definitely recommend this as one of your first purchases! A bottle probably lasts close to a whole year - I've been using it since August, and have barely made a dent in the bottle.

Ole Henriksen's Scrub // as a girl who grew up with St. Ive's apricot scrub, but also someone who has read enough posts about skincare to know that we shouldn't use abrasive scrubs, I can't help but really enjoy this scrub. I stopped using my retinol cream during pregnancy, and since restarting it after delivering Penny, my skin is going back through a bit of a shedding period while my skin gets re-used to the retinol. I find using this scrub just once a week, using very light circular motions rather than hard scrubbing it into my skin, gets rid of all the dead skin without causing a bunch of trauma to my skin. This would especially be great for anyone dealing with a lot of flakiness during the colder months! Again this will probably last quite a long time since you only need a little bit once or twice a week.

Kat Von D's eyeshadow palette // I've enjoyed KvD's eyeshadow palettes for years now, but this one has become a true staple for me. I am definitely not a make-up guru, I do basically the same thing every day, and have for basically a decade now, but this palette gives me everything I need from lighter every day looks to having a few darker colors to play with. The middle of the palette is what I use the most, from the base color to the highlight to the black for "smudging" my liquid eyeliner. And it's currently on sale (on top of the sale!), so you can get it for a steal.

Tarte's mascara // I'm forever looking for my holy grail mascara - I tend to use one kind for a few tubes, and then move on to the next. I prefer the brush mascaras (versus the plastic wands), and have found what I now believe is my favorite mascara to date. It just elongates, thickens, and isn't clumpy -it's like the holy trinity of mascaras! I always wear an eyelash primer under my mascaras, which helps, but am just such a fan of this mascara that I purchased several more during a recent Tarte sale!

Sephora's sale is currently going on, and ends on 11/11. If you're doing some early holiday shopping, one of my favorite items to gift is this perfume set - it comes with nine deluxe samples of perfumes, as well as a gift card for the full size version of one of them. You get 9 cute little bottles plus the full size version, which is great for any fragrance lover (especially since they can pick out their favorite in the end - I find it so tricky to gift fragrances!).