Sunday, March 22, 2020

penny favorites: 6-9 months

Penny turns 9 months old today! That is wild. She has just grown so much in the last few months - she now has opinions and makes them known! She's really starting to enjoy eating real foods, is working on crawling, can almost pull herself up on things, and can actually spend a little bit of time entertaining herself. This is such a fun age! Compared to previous months, some of our favorite items revolved more around toys than practical items - but that's what makes it so fun!

Teething Tubes // I kept seeing ads for these teething tubes and once Penny's first teeth started popping through, I figured why not. Turns out she loves her little teething tube! She is constantly chewing on it and playing with it and slobbering all over it. They are made out of silicone, are easily cleaned in soapy water, and overall a hit! Penny is working on some of her back teeth now and is obsessed more than ever before. 

Board Books // Instead of cards for our baby shower, we received books, so we have an awesome little library for Penny...but six months in, I realized that both Penny and I really enjoyed the board books with stories, rather than just pictures. She likes turning the pages, and I like having something to actually read! A few of our favorites are the Pout Pout Fish (the original is the best but some of the other ones are cute too), Giraffes Can't Dance, Love from Me to You, and Courageous People Who Changed the World. Currently in our Amazon basket we have Llama Llama Red Pajama, If Animals Kissed Goodnight, and The Little Blue Truck. Any other favorites we should add? 

Bapron // The last three months have been a whole new world of eating for Penny. We are doing half and half purees and baby led weaning - she gets purees at daycare and a bit at home, and then we generally give her adult food that's appropriate for her to try as well. That can get messy quick. I love our little baby apron! It's great for messier foods as it covers a bit more of her clothes, it's easily washed in the sink, and dries quickly. Plus the patterns they have are so cute! 

Magnetic Stacking Bear // This was a random instagram buy from Manhatten Toys that Penny LOVES. It's her favorite toy. She likes banging the pieces together, biting the parts, knocking stacks we make over, and talking to the little bear head. I like that it's a wood toy with non-toxic finishes that is easily cleaned off with soap and water. This would be a cute Easter present!

Sensory Teether // Teething is obviously a big theme for this age - I found this toy at Target and Penny held on to it the whole rest of the shopping trip. The soft tubes must feel good on her little gums and the different colors and parts keep her entertained. Plus again, it's easily washable! 

Stokke Highchair // I spent a lot of timing research high chairs - different styles, sizes, colors, everything! Everything kept pointing towards the Stokke high chair. I loved the minimalistic design, the fact that it grows with the baby from infant to childhood, that it's fairly easily cleaned, and that it has a foot rest for the baby so it sits in a more natural position for eating. I saved a Visa giftcard we received after Penny was born and used a 20% off coupon to make the price tolerable for us. We are very happy with this purchase!

Leather Moccasins // This is kind of a random item in the list since I haven't included other baby clothing, but we just love these little moccasins. They are very similar to the Freshly Picked mocs but for like half the price. Our first sets were a little gold set and a blush set and she wears them every day. Penny loves to pull her socks off her feet, so having soft shoes on makes it harder for her to bare her little feet! Plus I think they are just adorable - they even have ones with red bottom soles! 

Building Blocks // I've been a huge Bannor Toys fan since Penny was born - I got her a teether soon after she was born she plays with every day! For Christmas, I got both her and her cousin a set of their wood and silicone blocks. We play with these every single day! They are fun for us since we can build her little buildings or stacks and she gets to knock them over, she can chew on the blocks, and bang them together. I know this is something that she will grow with over the next few years, and it's probably my biggest recommendation on this list!