Wednesday, August 25, 2021

clothing review: that postpartum life.

Oh man. Postpartum clothing shopping....not exactly super fun. 

I feel in such a weird clothing funk right now. I almost feel like I went into a coma and came out four years later with a new body and not understanding current styles. I really only purchased a handful of non-maternity items over the past four years, and so now I feel like I'm kind of starting over, with a different body than before. Just to kind of let you in on where my head space is currently at. I may have left the mall crying yesterday. So if you've been're definitely not alone. 
Smocked ruffle gauze top

Okay, first up is this beautiful top from J.Crew. I've had my eye on it forever, and finally ordered it during a sale. I'm wearing a size large here. Initially when I put it on, I liked it. Then I looked at it from all angles and decided I didn't like it. Because the fabric is thinner, it kind of puffs up from the chest down, so from the side it looks a bit sack like. And then now looking at it again, I like it! Isn't this a fun process? 

But seriously...I think I like it. It's cute both for work under a blazer or white coat, and then for a more casual night out. I think this lighter blue isn't the one for me though, and I think I'm going to order it again in the light mint. Or white, because I'm predictable. 
Are popovers back in? I've been seeing them all over the place, and I, for one, am here for it. I love this style shirt! This one isn't the one for me though. I'm wearing a 12 tall here - I do like the length on me, and am thankful it comes in the tall option. I just don't love the fabric - it felt very stiff and as you can see, see-through. I wish it was just a bit more opaque so you can't see my nursing bra! As I do like this style of shirt, I'm hoping they'll come out with a different fabric or color this fall.
Smocked-Waist Button-Front Midi Skirt

I had seen this Madewell skirt in instagram ads a few times, but it wasn't until I saw Merrick's instagram post with a very similar skirt (or maybe the same one?) that I had to order it. I don't have any midi skirts but I have wanted a cute item for my closet to wear for date nights! This is just such a comfortable, light, and flowy skirt. It fits true to size, I'm wearing a large here - the waistline is very stretchy, so you could consider sizing down. Now I would really like a white bodysuit to wear with it to help streamline the area around my waist. Any suggestions? All the ones I'm seeing out there are like $80!

Classic Straight Jeans
The last item I had ordered online from Madewell are these classic straight jeans. From the front, these are so flattering - almost tummy controlling, looser than skinny jeans but not too baggy that your shape gets lost. But these were SO tight on my belly - I could hardly squat down! I ordered what I think is my normal size 31, but these were just so tight and frankly, not flattering from the side. I did really love the color and overall style though, so during the next sale I plan on ordering them a size up to see if that makes them feel and look better. 

Of course, I had to take advantage of a day when Penny went to hang out with family for part of the day, so Theo and I went to the mall to return the items above...and try a few things on. It's been years since I've actually been in a mall and tried things on there! The only item I ended up taking home is this Hayden top in a black/white pattern that isn't even online yet. They only had mediums left in store, but it actually made the fit more flattering. I find the majority of Madewell tops to not fit me well, as they are shorter and boxier on me than I prefer for myself. This has just a little more length than other shirts I've tried, and sizing down to medium means I don't totally get lost in the shirt. Plus the fabric is soooo soft! They previously had this style in a white, which I'm so sad is no longer available in my size. Again a great top for hanging out with the babies, but can be dressed up with black (or mustard!) pants for work. 
Floral Jacquard Puff-Sleeve Tee
This floral puff sleeve not for me. I tried it on because the non-boxy, longer length drew me in, and because I saw Shea McGee looking super cute in puffy sleeved shirts and I basically want to be her...but this is not for me. Maybe styled correctly, with my hair done and in the right light...but I know that that is rarely the situation, so I didn't want to buy a shirt that I would actually never wear. If it does seem like your style though, I am wearing a large here, and the fabric is nice and thick. Cute, but not for me. 
Grandover Bobble Pullover Sweater
While it is currently 86 (!) degrees out, I did just move to one of the snowiest cities in the country, so I'm starting to think about what I'm supposed to wear during the many months of winter coming my way. I was drawn to the colors and texture of this sweater, but kind of feel like a frumpy grandpa in it. I can see why the cool kids would love this, but as a 33 year old mom of two who is currently working through some postpartum body issues, this was not the one for me. 
Y'all know I love a good plaid blazer, but I've wanted an updated, more casual version. I saw this oversized blazer on a TikTok some weeks ago, and wanted to try it. This was such a comfortable blazer, and really I could tell the difference between a $30 H&M blazer and a $170 blazer, but this wasn't the one for me either. My H&M blazer is a very similar color, so I feel I don't want to repeat it. I also found it too boxy on me, so I'll keep an eye out for something that works better for me. I've been eyeing this Vince Camuto version - I could definitely see myself wearing it to work this fall!

So here is where we are at. I'm still trying to figure myself out. I'm trying to work with my newer, different body. I'm trying to understand what the current styles are, while also knowing that I already know what I like, and trying to blend those together. I'm trying to figure out my current stay at home mom life, while knowing that I'm stepping into an attending ObGyn life in 2 months, where I will spend the majority of my time in an outpatient clinic. Thank you for following along with me while I figure it out!

p.s. below are my working conditions when trying to take pictures. he thinks he's sooo funny.