Tuesday, April 1, 2014


These last couple of weeks have been kind of draining. Between school politics, neuro-anatomy, practicals, and not having a spring break, I am just so tired. At this point the only real thing keeping me going is that we are done in seven weeks (which is actually pretty crazy!). This summer will all about traveling around this side of the country, and hopefully making a trip out to the west coast as well. I may be missing Seattle a little more than is reasonable for someone who has only spent one week there ;) 

(P.S There was still snow on the ground this morning, but it ended up being 65 degrees today so... NO MORE SNOW! ... just lots of wind)
Blouse: Le Tote [exact]*
Skirt: Banana Republic [save | beautiful splurge]
Shoes: Banana Republic [exact]
Belt: H&M

* I have received a 6 month complimentary subscription. Try it for yourself here!