Friday, March 28, 2014

march budget

1. J.Crew Blazer: originally $198, on sale for $105 [currently on sale for $178 + 30% off]
2. J.Crew Factory Cardigan: originally $79.50, on sale for $30
3. J.Crew Factory Blouse: originally $75, on sale for $20
4. Old Navy Hoodie: originally $30, on sale + reward: $15
5. J.Crew Sweater: originally $79.50, on sale + giftcard won from Coast with Me: $0
6. The Limited Dot Skirt: originally $60, on sale for $30
7. The Limited Blouse (not pictured, seen here): originally $50, on sale for $25

March Budget: $225

Quarterly budget: $57 in February + 225 in March = $218 left for April

Like I mentioned last week, March was all about trying out new things - new brands, new styles, and new colors. At first glance, my purchases are not (at all) out of the box or different from what I have purchased in the past, but I did branch our a little from my usual go-tos. A cardigan in a color I don't own anything in, a cute sweatshirt for studying and lounging, a pencil skirt in a bright color and pattern. It breathed a bit of life back into my closet without it compromising my own style and preferences.

It was also a month of purchasing and returning. I had a large Zara order that ended up being completely returned. I purchased my go-to school pants in black, and although I got them for great deal, I've decided that I want a pair of black skinny ankle pants that actually go down to my ankle, so they will be returned for now (unless they come out with them in talls, and then I'll be all over that). I saw this super cute top on Hello, Gorgeous, and thought it would be great both for under blazers at school, and for going out (during our abundant free time). Unfortunately, tops with no stretch pull across my chest and unflatteringly flattened everything, so I had to return it. And most disappointingly, this dress didn't work for me. You can see why here:

It's meh on its own - I may have ordered it a size too large as there was a ton of extra fabric around my waist. Belted, and standing a certain way, it was pretty dang cute. But in all honesty, the fabric is pretty stiff, and the dress is way way waaaaaaay too short on me. Since the fabric is stiff (it kind of feels like canvas), the whole dress rides up all the way when you lift your arm or bend over. So the "dalmatian" dress isn't going to happen for me. If they had only made it out of a softer fabric, and added 2 more inches to the hem!

Looking into April, I just ordered these shoes from Madewell (but didn't include them in this month's budget since they haven't arrived). Madewell is currently having a 30% off sale items (use code BYEMARCH), and I've had my eye on these shoes for a year (wow...what a difference 12 months makes!) so I finally decided to go for it. We'll see if they work out! Other than that, I also currently have a dress and a pair of pants at the tailor, so I have around $100 left to maybe buy a few spring pieces. Maybe even buy something outside of the white/grey/black/blue color palette I seem to buy everything in!

Did you stick to your budget this month? I'd love for you to link up with your purchases and goals - we had the most link-ups ever last month, so make sure you guys are checking out these other bloggers. They're such an inspiration!