Sunday, March 16, 2014

tax refund purchase

Once I started working full time after I graduated from college, my dad always told me to pay in the most I could for taxes. That always meant smaller paychecks, but also a bigger tax refund every year. Since then, I've used a portion of that tax refund to buy one item I wouldn't usually buy from my regular budget. In 2012 I purchased this purse, and in 2013 I purchased these boots [seen here].

I didn't think I was going to get a very large refund this year because I only worked for half of 2013, and because of money made through blogging (you can read a bit more about that here), but because I'm a full time student living on student loans, I ended up actually get quite a bit back instead of having to pay into the system (as I had previously anticipated). So while the majority of that money is getting tucked away in case my student loans don't cover me until August, I again would like to make a special little tax refund purchase.

A DvF wrap dress has been on the top of my wish list for years now - I always had the high hopes that I would find one thrifting (and yes, I checked out every wrap dress in every thrift store I entered), but no such luck. While one of her signature patterns would be beautiful to have, I think I would get the most wear out of a simple black version. Because the price point is just a bit above the amount I plan on spending, I may spend some time looking on eBay as there are often NWT dresses listed. 

A second option would be a new watch. I have a large gold watch from Target [seen here] that I wear quite a bit, so I know that it is something that I would actually wear, but I would love to upgrade to a nicer version. This MK watch is large but without the all of the bling and details that many of his other watches have (like this...underestated version). 

The last contender is a fun new pair of shoes that I could still wear frequently to school. These are patent, have a cute bow, and would be appropriate to wear while I'm still in school. I'm hesitant to purchase such expensive shoes just because I want this purchase to be something I have for a very long time, but these are so cute I may just have to spring for them.

Do you ever set a little bit aside from your tax refund to treat yourself? I'd love to hear what you've purchased in the past!