Tuesday, March 25, 2014

fran versus fur: piper's lavender cardigan

The Limited Dot Pencil Skirt
Like I mentioned before, my friend Caitlin and I are pretty much the same shape and size, so we've been doing a couple of clothing swaps. We both went through our closets recently, and took out all of the clothes we wanted to sell/donate, but let the other dig through the clothes first. She rescued a few button ups and a skirt, and I rescued this cardigan.
Over Christmas break, Caitlin adopted an adorable puppy named Piper, and we've just had so much fun having a puppy around (along with my two dogs and Caitlin's roommate's dog Bri). As we were playing dress up in each other's clothes, we decided Piper needed to get a new outfit too, so I loaned her my newly acquired cardigan and a pair of pearls, and Fran versus Fur was invented.

So who wore it better? And if you say me, I know you're a true friend but also a liar ;)

The Limited Dot Pencil Skirt
Skirt: The Limited [exact]
Blouse: J.Crew [retail on sale | factory version]
Cardigan: rescued from Caitlin (originally Gap)
Shoes: J.Crew Factory [exact]
Nails: Essie Spagetti Strap 
Watch: Fossil [exact]

(P.S. between our 2 houses, we have 6 animals....including a horse. this is going to be fun.)

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