Friday, September 5, 2014

staples on sale: madewell post-labor day whites

white blouse  | jeans | eyelet dress

I love Madewell - I love how sleek everything looks, how nothing is ever too crazy or weird, and how well my items from there have held up over the years. I only own a few items [including my tote, anchor belt, and slingback sandals] that were all purchased on sale, but they still look like new (or like a very loved new). Their current 30% off sale items (using code TOPITOFF) is a good one because includes a mix of summer staples, and pieces you can wear all year long. Here are three of my favorites:

Essential White Shirt: I've never believed in the whole "30 pieces every woman should own" schtick because my life as a student is different than a stay-at-home mom which is different than the business woman on Wall Street. But if you have a semi-typical office job, a white button-down can go far - with sleek pants, a fun skirt, even layered under a dress. This one is cotton, thin enough to wear under a sweater once it cools down, but sleek enough to wear on its own too.

Skinny Skinny Jeans: I own these in the normal length, and they are my favorite pair of jeans. I save them for nights out or trips out of town because I don't want to wash them too often or wear holes into the thighs like I have with all my other denim ever (from $30 AE jeans to $160 Joe's). These ones on sale are in the "tall" length, so if you are particularly leggy, these would be great for you. I would double cuff them like all the cool girls are doing now, or get these in the regular length with a little zipper on the side.

Eyelet Dress: The "no white after Labor Day" is not a rule I particulary follow, so I think it's time we all threw that "rule" out the window.  While this white dress would be beautiful in the summer time too, wouldn't it be adorable with some cognac boots and a burgundy or mustard cardigan? It's currently under $30 with all sizes available!

P.S. J.Crew currently is offering 25% off fall staples - I finally ordered the chambray shirt!