Monday, December 23, 2019

for the last minute shopper

About a year ago, I was half way through my second trimester in pregnancy, and realized that I hadn't cooked a meal in weeks. I was still in the exhaustion part of pregnancy, I was on busy services, and couldn't find the motivation to drive to the grocery store or meal prep. I was listening to a podcast and heard an ad for HelloFresh, and even though I had heard about them before, I used their coupon code to order our first month's worth of meals...and we have been hooked ever since!

When given the opportunity to work with HelloFresh earlier this summer, I was so excited! We have had such a great experience as paying customers, that I couldn't wait to even share more in collaboration with them.

As the holidays are coming up, and I tend to be the biggest procrastinator when it comes to getting gifts ready, I thought I'd share why I think HelloFresh would make a great Christmas present. I'm gifting a month's worth to several friends and family members because we have been such a fan, that I'm hoping it'll help some of you finish up your holiday shopping! It would be great gift for...

the busy friend // I don't know about you, but I really find it hard to find time to come up with a meal plan, get to the grocery store, put everything away, and then find time to also make the meal. If you have a friend who is just slammed with work or school, and needs a little something to help their weeks go smoother, a meal subscription is amazing because it takes the first three steps out of the equation. A box shows up with everything neatly packed away in paper bags, all they have to do is stick it in the fridge, and find 30 minutes to cook the meal in the next week. They can even get the 4 person sized boxes so they only cook one, but get four meals out of it! I first experienced HelloFresh when I lived with an ObGyn and Ortho resident as a medical student, and think it's perfect for that busy resident in your life!

the tired family member // Like I said above, I finally ordered my first box after realizing I was basically too tired to get off the couch and put in all the work it takes to make a home cooked meal with real vegetables and meat. By saving your family member a trip to the grocery story, and instead just bringing one box in the house from their front steps, so much of the work is taken out of making  a meal that it's perfect for that new parent or overworked sibling.

the uninspired co-worker // I've been cooking for myself for about 12 years now...which means I have like five standard meals I make over and over...and over again. I occasionally looking through pinterest for new recipes, but a lot of time they require buying new spices or dishes or items not available in all stores. HelloFresh gives you exactly what you need in those exact quantities, while at the same time always coming up with new recipes and teaching new cooking techniques. I've learned how to quick pickle veggie toppings, make crema sauces out of three ingredients, and combine ingredients I would never have though of combining. I'm learning and eating new and exciting meals, rather than the same five things I always cook.

the hard to shop for mother-in-law // I think we all can agree we all probably own too much stuff, but the holidays revolve around getting each other things. I've slowly tried to gear my gift buying towards either practical items people actually want, or experiences. Instead of buying your mother-in-law another grey sweater, get her a few month's worth of new meals to cook together. She will love not having another thing around the house, and if you happen to live close, you can cook meals together as something you do for the two of you. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

In all seriousness, we have been so happy both as paying HelloFresh customers, and now as a member of the HelloFresh team. If you haven't had the chance to try HelloFresh yet, either as a customer yourself or giving it as a gift, you can use this link to save $90 off your first month.

written in collaboration with HelloFresh. Thank you for supporting me and the companies I love!