Tuesday, December 31, 2019

top three: december 2019

medicine //
  • I recently saw a post about the "most kissed lips in the world"...the original model for today's CPR dolls. So sad, but also slightly creepy.
  • Certain inflammatory infections can cause fistulas, or tracts, to develop between organs that aren't supposed to be connected, like the colon to the uterus. 
  • Friendly health reminders: make sure your pap smears are up to date. Talk to your parents about their health conditions so you can tell your doctors about them (especially cancers in your family!). Bleeding after menopause is not normal, see your doctor immediately if that happens. Get your flu shot. Stay healthy out there, love you, mean it. 

on the internet //

spotted for me //
  • I'm slowly beginning the process of finding my first real physician job out of residency (18 more months until I'm done!), which includes lots of meet-and-greets, tours, interviews, and dinners. Unlike medical school and residency interviews, I plan on actually dressing in clothes I like and feel comfortable in, like this neutral and modern blazer, which I plan on pairing with a simple white top and my new work pants
  • I know it's not really for this season of life, but I can't help but want this belt bag. I just imagine it with a black t shirt dress and cognac sandals and wearing it all summer long as my summer uniform...clearly planning for six months from now ;)
  • There's just something about the black and white print on this shirt that I'm dying to try. I think it would look darling tucked into higher waisted jeans!

spotted for penny //

ask me anything //
  • I know you have LL Bean boots, and the fleece quarter and the quilted quarter zip. I have the first two after your recommendations and love them also! What else do you own from LL Bean?
  • Are you you still spinning at home? How has your bike held up? Looking into this option myself!
    • I haven't just because I'm short on time - I'd really love to get back into it, I think about it quite often. I loved my at home spin work outs, I always felt amazing doing them and after. Chris still does them and the bike (our homemade peloton) is holding up amazing! 
  • Would you consider doing an updated video tour of your home?
    • Yes! I will film one in the next few weeks and will write a post about it! 

on franish //

at home //
  • Happy New Year's Eve! We are in Rochester for the long weekend, celebrating a delayed Christmas with my husband's family, as well as the new year. It's been so nice to have these days at home with Penny before starting a busy six months of work. 
  • This month I spent the month with our breast surgeon. ObGyns are very often the doctors who find breast cancer, either through yearly exams (have you had yours? Make it your goal for early 2020 to see your friendly neighborhood gynecologist) or through screening imaging, so it's been very insightful to see what happens once lumps are found. It also makes me hate that the organ we use to feed our babies can turn on us and try to kill us. Cancer is just so cruel.
  • Penny is in such a fun age right now! She's so interactive and smily and starting to move around more. We are also starting the babyled weaning process of feeding her more foods, which has been so fun to see her trying new foods and becoming more coordinated.