Wednesday, August 8, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I purchased a red Equipment blouse and said that I'm already looking for a nude version. I found this cream blouse while shopping the other day at H&M - it's a great alternative! It's not 100% silk but that means I don't have to take it into the dry cleaners ;)   I'm excited to have a white button up that I really enjoy as I think it's a timeless piece of clothing to own. I kept on telling my best friend Hannah how excited I was to "find the perfect white shirt" which saying and typing out just sounds kind of silly but  for me, it was exciting!

Blouse: H&M {exact, save, splurge}
Jeans: Banana Republic {similar}
Shoes: Crown Vintage {save, spend, splurge}
Belt: very very old
Bracelets: J. Crew, Forever 21
Nails: Seen here

This necklace is a gift that my maternal grandmother gave me several years ago. I haven't worn it since the chain it was on was too long. I did a little metal working this morning and changed out the chain. The pendant is an old German coin from 1902.  It's pretty neat wearing a piece of history around your neck!
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