Thursday, August 9, 2012


You can only wear so many button ups and blazers before you get bored. I don't think I've owned a vest in about 10 years, but seeing how cute it looks on everyone (like here, here and here) I wanted in on the cargo vest. I happened upon this Old Navy version while I was there returning a top, and picked it up.

On the one hand, I can think about 10 outfits on the top of my head about how I would wear this vest. On the other hand, am I falling into a trend trap, and will regret this decision in 6 months?

On a different note, I am in LOVE with this shoes. I've been stalking them for about 2 months now, but (of course) wasn't willing to pay full price. I was watching the price on Zappos, but they never went lower than $55. I checked on the Aldo website, and they were $33 on there! While I'm disappointed I couldn't get them through Zappos and use a giftcard I have, I'm happy getting these shoes for 50% off retail.

Vest: Old Navy  {exact}
Shirt: Forever 21  {save, spend, splurge}
Jeans: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Aldo  {exact}
Belt: H&M
Watch: Fossil {savespendsplurge}
Bracelet: Tiffanys & Co {exact}