Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Budget

1. Forever 21 Jeweled Collar Necklace: $8  {seen here}
2. Old Navy Twill Cargo Vest: $29.94 + 25% off = $22.50  {seen here, here}
3. Thrifted J. Crew Cardigan: $5  {seen here}
4. Essie Ballet Slipper: $8  {seen here}
5. Thrifted Ralph Lauren Button-up: $8  {seen here}
6. Aldo Siewert Flats: $70 + on sale = $33  {seen here, here and here}
7. H&M Striped Boat Neck: $18  {seen on instagram}
8. H&M Blouse: $29.95  {seen here}

August Budget: $132.45

I did pretty good this month! I wanted to spend a bit less this month so I can buy a few more pieces in September, including that classic navy blazer. I've been busy spending money on med school applications, so with less money and less time comes a better kept budget. How did you guys do this month? Did August sales get you, or did you impose a no shopping ban to save up for the fall?

P.S. Please let me know if you link up - this is my first time using this link-up and it's been giving me some trouble, so your link up may not show up right away. Thanks for understanding!

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