Sunday, December 16, 2012

holes in my closet: pieces for 2013

I tend to buy pieces I know I will get a lot of wear out of, especially in my day to day working life. Obviously this is great for my closet since I buy things I'll actually use, but there are times when I wish I had pieces but I just don't ever buy them because I know they won't get a lot of wear - except in those situations I always wish I had them. So for the next months instead of buying another button up shirt or sweater, I'm going to use some of each month's budget to buy the following pieces. I'm going to take the time to buy pieces that I truly love and that fit correctly so I don't have to buy the same kind of item several times until I find the right one. These are the pieces I'll be looking for and why:

Suede Boots: I mentioned last week that I think I can wear more skirts and dresses to work as long as I wear tights and boots to keep my legs covered. I own two pairs of boots, my dark grey Steve Madden boots and my light brown Frye boots, but neither of them are necessarily dressy enough. I loved this outfit on Kate Middleton and although suede boots aren't necessarily practical for a snow storm, I think they would look great for work and social occasions. I think this will probably be the major purchase in January.

+ Nude Heels: So far we have 7 save the dates on our fridge for this coming summer, so there are going to be a lot of dress up occasions this year. I don't own any nude heels (or many heels in general) and so a nice (and hopefully comfortable) pair of nude heels will get a lot of wear this summer. I probably won't purchase a pair until the spring.

+ Wool Skirts: I don't own many skirts, but I think a few pairs of wool (for now) skirts would be great for dressier outfits at work and (hopefully) for school in the future. I've heard great things about the skirts at J. Crew so I'll probably try to find some at the outlet store.

+ Hunter Rain Boots: My dogs got to my last pair of Target rain boots, and between the slush we have now and the rain in the spring, a pair of nice rain boots will get plenty of wear. I plan on buying mine on eBay and hope to spend no more than $60. And don't worry, I'll only wear them when the weather calls for it ;)

+ Black Blazer: I get so much wear out of my navy blazer that it only makes sense to buy a similar piece in a different color. I was especially inspired by Kultur & Stil's post about all of her outfits with her black blazer. I'm going to be in Chicago in early February so I plan to stop at Topshop to try this blazer on.

+ Dark Brown Riding Boots: I love my lighter brown boots, but sometimes I wish they were a bit darker. I may wait until the end of the winter to look for a pair just because I'm hoping they'll be cheaper then.

+ Black Pumps: I don't have a pair of black heels that are actually comfortable or that I can walk in for more than 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure as a 25 year old woman that that is pretty much unacceptable. I need a pair of closed toed heels that I can wear for at least a few hours.

+ Dark Wash Jeans: I've been wearing a lot of skinny jeans lately (something I really thought I would never wear - seriously, 2 years ago I swore up and down I would never wear them) partially because they are so comfortable and mostly because I only have 1 pair of bootcut jeans I like. I would like to find that perfect fitting bootcut pair of jeans. Wishful thinking or actually a possibility? ;)

So that's the plan. Are there pieces you're on the look out for? Are you the kind of person who needs a game plan for shopping? I didn't think I would be, but I think this will help with the "buy investment closet pieces" thing I'm trying to work on.