Friday, November 29, 2013

november budget

J.Crew Factory Funnel Coat: originally $228, on sale + 30% off = $130  [reviewed here]

Gap Fair Isle Open Front Cardigan: originally $80, current 50% off promotion = $40

Gap Cozy V-Neck Sweater: originally $50, current 50% off promotion = $25

November Budget:  $195

Quarterly Budget: $590 ($90 left from last quarter) - 195 = $395 for the rest of the quarter

So I did not have much motivation for shopping this month. November was my first month of not being in lecture halls as often, so I wasn't wearing a lot of my dress code clothes, and instead spent a lot of time in jeans and sweaters. The few things I did buy I'm really excited about. I've been very happy with my new winter coat. My aunt suggested a little button trick for the sash which I think I may try out to keep it attached to the coat. While it doesn't have the signature thinsulate that the retail J.Crew coats have, it has kept me warm in the freezing weather so far.

The coat was the only thing I had purchased this month until I came home for two days for Thanksgiving. I met up with my friend Lizzi to do a little bit of Black Friday shopping. I first stopped at H&M with the sole purpose of finding a dress. I really loved Bri's recent dress that she found once upon a time at H&M, and after realizing recently that I wear my black long-sleeved black dress at least once a week, I was hoping to find something similar. Amount the items I tried on, I really wanted to like this jacket and this dress, but ended up not buying either. While I really liked the pattern and general style of the jacket-cardigan hybrid, it was too boxy on my frame. It also didn't have a closure in the front, which is something I would have preferred. The dress would have been great for school, but the construction was just so shoddy that I had to take it off immediately. The seams did not line up, and it awkwardly bunched around the bust and hips even when standing straight.
Next at Gap, where they are having 50% off in store (and online with code BLKFRIDAY) I basically just grabbed anything that caught my eye. I really really liked this cardigan - it was hanging all by itself, and in my size, so ya know, "fashion fate" (not really). I think it'll be a studying cardigan for the most part, but I'll definitely wear it to school dressed up with a button up and black trousers. I've been looking for a tan v-neck sweater for a while, so finding this one, and at a reasonable price, was nice. I see this being layered plenty this coming winter. I liked the striped shirt, but it would have only been a lounging shirt. I need another striped shirt like I need a hole in the head, so for even $15 I passed.
I also tried on this dress, which they had in red and magenta in stores. At first I thought it was very promising - not too tight in the arms, somewhat fitted, and I figured red would be a fun way to add a bit more color to my generally dark dress collection. It wasn't until adding a belt, which is how I would wear it normally, that I realized how short it was on me. I was hoping they sold it online in talls, but they don't...of course. So the hunt for a simple sleeved dress continues.
And that was the end of my Black Friday adventures. I wish I had found this scarf in stores as it just looks so dang cozy, but maybe if I happen to put in an order in the next couple of days, I'll add it in to test out. Some of the sales I've been interested in, and will continue to watch until Monday:

J.Crew: 30% off with code HOLIDAY (through December 1st)
J.Crew Factory: 50% off with code HOLIDAY50 (through December 3rd)
Loft: 40% off with code ENJOY (through December 1st)
Ann Taylor: 40% off with code GET40 
Banana Republic: 40% off with code BRGIVING (through December 1st)
Old Navy: up to 40% off

and in case your budget isn't blown already, please feel free to join in with other budgeting bloggers - and I may allow you to submit even if you didn't stick to it ;)