Sunday, June 15, 2014

searching for: the perfect striped v-neck tee (and other ramblings)

There are several things about clothing and shopping I've learned over the last few years. I prefer dark rinse jeans. As much as I like pointy toed flats on others, they don't always look the best on my size 9 feet. Crop tops are for teenagers, and actually shouldn't be back in fashion for anyone. I want to like peplum tops, but finding ones that hit me at the right part of my waist is apparently impossible. Matching leather is my favorite. And most importantly, every tee looks better on me if it's a v-neck.

I love my Boden striped tee, but the crew neck tends to make me look a little square if I wear it with pants instead of tucked into a skirt. So until Everlane comes out with a striped version of my beloved solid v-neck tees, I'm on the hunt for an alternative. The four above are ones that fit my requirements: no cap sleeves, thinner black/navy stripes on a light background, and a solid v-neck. Now do I think I'll really spend close to $100 (one fifth of my quarterly budget) on this beautiful shirt? Probably not, but I could do about half of that cost, especially because I know it would be one of those staple pieces that would be worn all the time.

I'm going to a bigger mall later this week (partially to return these pants, but mostly because I have a real itch to go shopping) so I'm going to keep my eye out for something that fits my preferences before ordering online. While I'm there, I'm also hoping to try on this super soft looking tee, and this easy going dress while at Loft. I feel Loft has really stepped up their game lately, especially with their Lou & Grey line - everything has the slightly worn in, unique but not weird, affordable but looks expensive vibe that I love about Madewell.

And speaking of Madewell... ever since that blue dress didn't work out for me (see the mini review here), I've been thinking about what I would like to use that money for instead. I've decided that I am finally going to get a new watch. I've wanted a larger Michael Kors watch for years now, so I think buying something that will also last for years will be a great "self present" to celebrate the end of year one of medical school. I always thought I would go for the traditional oversized gold watch, but now I'm torn and am considering a slightly smaller rose gold version instead. I know they have sales on these watches all the time, and they also pop up on Hautelook and Gilt and so on, so I think the next time one pops up (keep an eye out for me!) that I'll make one mine!