Friday, June 13, 2014

the adored life (+ giveaway)

I'm currently driving around the state of Wisconsin showing off the wonders of this beautiful state, so I asked Alissa to come over here to say hello! I love how open she is about life, blogging, and what it's like to be a 20 something. Make sure you check out her awesome tutorials, including how to get the perfect head of curly hair and the amazing quality of pictures you see here. 

Your eyes are not failing you, this is not Fran. Although sometimes I wish I could be as cool as she is. My name is Alissa and I blog over at The Adored Life. Here are some fun facts about me: I'm not going to put up with bull, I am a little too snarky, I have an addiction to polka dots, at any given time I am thinking about doughnuts or Beyonce and I just graduated college last month. 

Currently my life is living in Kansas City, begging for a full-time job, trying to work off said chocolate chip cookies or doughnut calories, managing social media accounts freelance and working at the University of Kansas while transitioning clumsily into this thing called the real world. On the blog you can ready about how I feel about Instagram fakeness, smashing exercise balls into my face, people not understanding what my name is, and not being a size zero in the blogging world

Typically you can find stories about my lack of coordination, baking disasters, embarrassing stories and other things that my mom probably wishes I wouldn't share on the internet. Sorry mom, but other people like reading about it. I think it's secretly because it's relief that someone else has done something just as stupid as them. 

Thank you so much Fran for letting me guest post! 

Oh and an added bonus if you have read this far: I'm giving away a $25 gift card to anyplace of your choice! You can enter below and it's super easy, no following 45 people because we all know how annoying that is. Good luck! 

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