Sunday, March 4, 2018

top three [03.04.18]

got wedding decorations on the mind

medical tidbits //
  • Bruxism: excessive teeth grinding or clinching. Botox is a form of treatment that can help with that!
  • Speaking of botox, it can also help with certain urinary complaints, like interstitial cystitis and overactive bladder incontinence. It involves using a small scope, and injecting 100-200 units into the bladder in 1 ml portions. 
  • And since we're on the botox topic, botox can also be used to treat torticollis. Botox: not just for your laugh lines!

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ask me anything //

  • I remember a while ago you posted about compression socks for work. What brand do you use? I am looking for a pair or two!
    • I wear these Sockwell socks. I now have like 9 pairs of them, and I wear them to work every. single. day. It's the only reason I'm able to be on my feet for so long! I wash mine in the washing machine, but air dry them so that the elastic doesn't wear out. 
  • Do you tweeze/shape your eyebrows or is your shape natural? My eyebrows are blonde but thicker/denser than yours, and I have always been afraid of ruining their shape by tweezing.
    • I used to get them threaded about every two months for probably 6 years. When we moved for residency, I moved too far away to see the lady I was seeing throughout medical school, and I didn't really want to find someone knew, so now I just let them be, and tweeze stray hairs here and there! 
  • I've been searching for months now and can't find what I'm looking for, so tell me, is there a thing that exists that is more structured than a cardigan but not a blazer?  
    • Yes! What you are missing is a ponte or knit blazer. It has the structure of a blazer, which adds a bit more ...well, structure! But when it's made in a knit or ponte fabric, rather than the traditional wool, it's as comfortable as a cardigan. Old Navy always has several styles of this type of blazer (here in black). Topshop has this amazing boucle blazer that I'm now adding to my cart because I love it. It's the perfect mix of structure and comfy that I think you're looking for!

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this week I... //

  • Did not go down to Florida as originally planned. My best friend and I planned a little three day trip down to the Florida Keys. I rearranged a bunch of my schedule so that we could make it happen. Unfortunately, my flight was cancelled and couldn't find a new one that worked for our tight timeline, after she had already been down there for 12 hours! We were both super bummed that it didn't work out, and that she had to spend the weekend alone. My take away: never flying Jet Blue again, and never flying on a trip separately! 
  • Decided that next week, I'm going to restart BBG - the first round of BBG is 12 weeks, which makes the last week of the program the week of my wedding. Anyone want to join in on the fun? I'm already forcing my sister to do it "with" me even though we live in different time zones. I love spinning, but I need some weights to tone up these arms! 
  • Start L&D days again - it's been a few months since I was on the day shift! This is my last time on L&D days as an intern, which is hard to believe we're already nearing that point! Excited to be a part of the crazy again!