Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ignorance is not bliss

These past few days we've had somewhat of a heat wave here in Wisconsin - it was 40 degrees, which is unheard of for January! So when I was getting dressed this morning, I assumed it would still be as unseasonably warm as it had been.


Turns out it's actually the coldest it's been all winter. How inconveniant for me since I didn't know that until I was already driving to work in my little lace shirt, thin cardigan, and open neck. Newsflash Fran: Wisconsin winters are freaking cold and completely unpredictable. Maybe put more clothes on next time....


Shirt: Pitaya (old and altered)  {save / splurge}
Cardigan: Old Navy  {similar}
Jeans: American Eagle  {exact}
Necklace: Forever 21  {exact}
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington  {exact}
Shoes: Tory Burch  {exact}

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