Friday, January 18, 2013

poke a dot

I'm so glad to hear that I'm not alone in the winter funk of dressing ourselves. I mean, I'm not glad you're in a funk too (that would be mean) but that I'm not the only one - misery loves company, blah blah blah. 

ANYWAY. Like I mentioned, polka dot pants were purchased as a way to break out of the funk. I've actually wanted a pair of printed pants after admiring Liz's extensive collection for months but haven't really found anything I liked. But for $18 and covered in polka dots, I figured it was time to finally pull the trigger. Being relatively tall means that pants that don't come in tall sizes are short on me, and after consulting the ladies on instagram, GraceyLindsay, and Whitney thought they might be a bit too short on me as well (thank you for being honest ladies!). Luckily, there was an easy fix - I just removed the stitching of the hem, and with it still having a finished edge, I added about an inch in length. I plan on rehemming them properly the next I can use my mom's sewing machine to hid the edge but I think I'm the only one who would notice anyway.
Can we talk about this new watch? As you know, I'm a watch girl. I feel naked without one on my wrists, so I'm thrilled to add this beautiful watch to my collection. While admiring it today at work (shh, don't tell my supervisor), I realized that I don't own a watch with a simple white face. With it's classic style and rich leather,I know this watch will quickly become the front runner in my collection.

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Sweater: Gap  {save / splurge}
Pants: Gap  {exact}
Scarf: H&M
Belt: The Limited  {similar}
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington  {exact}
Shoes: Old Navy  {very similar}
Nail: Essie Ballet Slippers

and just a few ideas for the future with pieces (mostly) in my closet...

Polka Dot Pants 1,2,3

Outfit 1: Mustard Cardigan + White Blouse + Leopard Belt + Loafers
Outfit 2: Maroon Tee + Gold Necklace + Anchor Belt + Gold Watch + Leopard Loafers
Outfit 3: Lace Top + Blue Necklace + Bangles + Blue Belt + Wedges