Sunday, April 14, 2013



In the five (FIVE!) years that Chris and I have been together, we've spent times on and off being in a long distance relationship. We started dating in April of 2008 and that summer I worked as a camp counselor in Iowa while he worked at in internship in Columbus, Ohio. Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than being living out in the woods with 10 7 year olds when you would want to do nothing more than to cuddle with your brand new boyfriend. Chris knew how hard that summer was for me, so through out he sent me little (...and large) presents - a giant stuffed coca cola bear, a pillow case, and one of his favorite shirts. All were sprayed down with his cologne and I cherished those items so much because just the scent made me feel better. 5 years later, we're back to the long distance as he is currently doing his medical school rotations throughout the state, and we will continue once I start medical school this fall 10 hours away from him. I still have that giant polar bear and I will once again demand he spray it down with his cologne so on nights when it's especially hard to be apart I'll have something to cuddle with.

This is all to talk about how much scent brings back those memories of missing the boy in your life. Kate Walsh is currently holding a contest for bloggers for her perfume, Boyfriend (you can find it here at Sephora). The contest is to create a look around the perfume so I thought it would be fitting to include a few "boyfriend" inspired pieces such as a large men's belt and smoking loafers, both traditionally menswear pieces. The top half of the outfit is a bit more girly with the soft blouse, soft jewelry, and bright nails. I feel it combines the best part of the boyfriend/girlfriend wardrobe.

How would you style a look around your boyfriend? You can enter the contest here if you want! Shout-out to Erika for introducing this contest to me - I really enjoyed coming up with a look with a few similar pieces in my own closet while staying inspired by that good smelling man in my life :)