Tuesday, April 23, 2013


DSC04871A year ago I said that I don't really do florals. Isn't it funny where I am a year later, happily wearing a bright floral blazer? Okay, this blazer is still a bit out of the comfort zone, but I think it'll be a really fun piece to own. The shoulders are a bit more padded than any of my other blazers, but I was told it makes your waist look smaller so you girls on instagram better not be lying to me! 

Like I mentioned last week, blogging isn't changing my style but I do think it's pushing me to try new things. Is there something a year ago you thought you wouldn't wear? Besides florals I really didn't think I'd be wearing skinny jeans as much as I do. They're just so dang comfortable!
Blazer: Zara [save | exact]
Tee: Fruit of the Loom*
Jeans: American Eagle [exact]
Shoes: Crown Vintage [save | awesome "Cat" splurge]
Necklace: gift from Kimmie
Watch: Kate Spad [exact]
Nails: Color Club Age of Aquarius

*I'm pretty sure I used to work out in this tee. I really need to go find a non sweated on replacement. I've tried on a few so far, including this J.Crew Factory Version, this J.Crew version, and this Gap version but I'm not really thrilled about any of them. The search continues...
Looking for more ideas on how to wear a blazer like this? AJ and I have the same one, and she wore it yesterday and looked SO CUTE.

P.S. Heidi and Marissa are holding a Pantone-Spring Color Challenge next week. I know many of you enjoyed the 5 Days, 5 Ways Challenge Whitney and I held, and I think this one will be just as fun so if you are looking for another blogging challenge (who isn't, amiright?) I hope you join them! I'm already excited to see what everyone comes up with.