Saturday, October 19, 2013

#hairspiration with vidal sassoon pro series

As a bunch of stressed out first year medical students, my friends and I don't get a lot of girly time to ourselves. We have to throw some professional outfits together in the morning, sit in lecture and anatomy lab all day, and then study into late in the night, so there isn't much time left for us to do fun things like watch our favorite TV show when it actually airs, or try out new hairstyles.

When Vidal Sassoon Pro Series offered to "host" a party just like that, we made sure to block of the night after our anatomy exam to do just that - watch our favorite TV shows (The Mindy Project and New Girl), talk hair and fashion trends, and try out different hair styles on each other. I love this kind of stuff - I've always been cutting/ coloring/ doing my friends' and siblings' hair, so I was super excited to get my hands on the gorgeous hair of my friends.
We were provided with a Target gift card to stock up on both hair supplies and treats. I bought one of every product, which worked out perfectly since each of the girls ended up taking home their favorite product. I was honestly surprised how affordable the products were - all were under $4! 

We started off the night with Kira, who has these amazing curls. My hair is pretty straight and boring, but Kira's hair just is so dang beautiful so I'm always jealous. We decided to go in the opposite direction though, just because we wanted to see what she looked like with straight hair!

She washed her hair with the shampoo and conditioner samples, and then used the repair spray and heat protector. Serine then - if anyone there should have gone into hair, it's Serine. She had all the tools to make Kira's hair go from curly to straight - it was so much fun to watch the transformation! While the straight hair was super cute, it was also strange to see our curly haired friend not have those curls around her face.
Next I did Caitlin's hair. Caitlin has the thickest hair I have ever encountered - we are all so jealous of it. I wanted to try the Heidi braids on her just because I think the thickness of her hair would really make that look amazing. 
We started out with dry hair, braided the hair down into two braids, sleeked back any frizzies with the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Gel, and then tucked the braids up with a bunch of bobby pins. She's just the cutest.
Next Caitlin did Grace's hair. Grace has beautiful long thick hair that apparently doesn't hold a curl, but Caitlin was determined to make it work. She used a bit of the heat protectant, then went to work with a straightener to create the curls. We somehow didn't get a real after picture, but here's the work in progress!
^ not a Halloween decoration, just the crazy learning tools we keep around

While I was doing Caitlin's hair, my roommate Sarah started to think about what we could do with Christina's hair. I told her that they should tease it, and then put it into an updo. Turns out, no one knows how to actually tease hair so I made them watch this video, and go from there. 

It was all pretty entertaining to watch it go down. Eventually Caitlin got her hands in there as well, and Christina ended up with this cute half up-do which we referred to as her "reporter" hairstyle. While not a fan of actually getting hairsprayed (haha look at that face!) she eventually grew to love it :)
Sarah was next. She has really straight hair (like...get out of the shoulder and not do anything, and it's still pretty and sleek) so I wanted to try a high bun on her. We teased it all up, used a hair donut, and sprayed it down with the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Volume hairspray for hold.
We used a bit of the shine spray, teased it all up, used a hair donut to create the bun, and then sprayed it with the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Volume hairspray for hold. I'm excited for her to let me recreate this for school ;)
After Serine spent an hour straightening Kira's hair, it was time for her to get her hair done. Serine has the most beautiful hair of all of us - it's always perfect voluminous and curled, and she refuses to share her secrets (or genetics) with us. We call it her Princess Hair. Caitlin created this cute up do just for a change of pace. The volume hairspray was again used - I guess we just can't get enough of it ;)
I was last! Caitlin again got her hands in there, created a bunch of little braids, and then put it up into bouncy pony. A vast improvement after my hair was up in a sloppy bun all day!
And if you've ever wanted to know what I sound like, or how annoying my constant giggling can be, here's a special treat just for you! And don't forget to enter the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Pin It to Win It contest here.

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