Tuesday, October 8, 2013

review: banana republic sloan pant versus the limited exact stretch skinny pant

It feels like finding pants I like is a never ending thing here on the blog and in my life. I kind of hate dress pants, and wish I could just wear jeans all day every day, so finding something I actually like to wear, and am allowed to wear, has been a bit of a journey.

Many people have suggested trying out the Banana Republic Sloan Pants, and with all the great reviews and available colors online, I wanted to give them a try too. Because the navy pair was on back order until the end of the year, I ordered the Mythic Blue instead. Here are my thoughts:

banana republic sloan pants review

I ordered these initially during a 40% off sale, which brought the price down to around $55 from $90. I am not the biggest fan. 

  • The fabric, a 50% viscose / cotton / spandex mix is very comfortable, and surprisingly thick.
  • They come in a bunch of fun colors, and even in patterns.
  • If you are taller than I am, these do come in talls which could make them long enough to be ankle pants instead of crops

  • I ordered them in a size 12 Tall because my pencil pants from the Limited are just a tiny bit shorter than I want (which is why they are currently at the tailor to be let down), so I was hoping that the tall length would fix that. I think these are now too long, and are full on pants, not ankle pants. 
  • They are too loose in the knee and leg area, which makes me look dumpy. I'm not sure how much my opinion would change if I tried these on in a regular instead of a tall, which would make them more like real ankle pants. Unfortunately, I do not have a BR in my area so I can't try them on.
  • Like the J.Crew Minnie pants [review here], these also do not have front pockets, which I just don't understand. Maybe it's different for me because on my body my thighs stick out in the front, so I need something that breaks up that area, instead of drawing attention to my thighs like this whole no pocket business is doing. 
  • Dry Clean only 
See Jean's [of Extra Petite] review here, and Lauren [from The Pear Shape] will have one coming up in a few days as well, if you are interested in seeing them on various body types.

In comparison, The Limited Exact Stretch Skinny Pants:
the limited exact stretch skinny pants review
I already own these pants in the maroon color, so I knew what I was getting myself into. I went in recently with my roommate while they were having a 40% off sale, and picked these up in blue. Here are more detailed thoughts, and what still needs to change

  • Machine washable! 
  • Front pockets help break up the thigh area
  • The color isn't too dark (I thought the pencil pants in navy were almost black, but these you can clearly see are navy)
  • Long enough off the rack in regulars to be considered ankle pants, not cropped pants (per our dress code anyway!)
  • I liked the fabric of the Sloan pants a bit more. These are still nice and stretchable, but not as soft as the viscose fabric of the Sloan.
  • Still too loose in the knee. This is a problem I have with all pants, so I spoke with my tailor, and for around $10 (as these are unlined pants), she's taking the knees in on these. If that is successful, I will have her do it to my maroon pair as well. I'll write an update on that for sure as I think it's somewhat of a stranger alteration, but something some of you may be interested in too if you have weird legs like me ;)

So that's it! The Limited Pants are here to stay - they've really been pulling through for me as all but one pair of my dress pants are from there. I'm now officially done buying pants for a while. I hope all of these various reviews (see the Gap dress pants, J.Crew Minnie, Gap Ponte Pants) have helped some of you in your own journey to find pants that don't make us look like we have elephant legs!

P.S. J.Crew is running a 40% off all final sale items using code EXTRA40 - I may have made my friend Neel add this shirt in with his order so we could split shipping. I'm glad I waited out on the price as it's been hovering around $90 for months now, and finally went under $50 with the current promotion. Is there anything you have your eye on?