Friday, October 11, 2013

save or splurge: herringbone puffer vest

Last winter, I bought the J.Crew excursion vest in navy. I wore it a few times, but the color made me get all weird about what to wear it with. I really liked the idea of the herringbone vest at J.Crew Factory when it first came out earlier this fall (as a re-incarnation of the herringbone vest from the retail store) but I wanted it to be actually embroidered instead of screen printed on. Jess also said that it is pretty boxy, which is something I try to avoid at all costs. Even though all of those things were in the back of my mind, I still starting getting the closet fomo after seeing all of the cute outfits on instagram. I even started searching on eBay to see if I couldn't get one for a relatively good price! I gave up that search pretty quickly (a $100 printed vest is not worth $200) and I was actually pretty upset that I would let myself spend money on something I didn't even really like. All that time on eBay made me realize I could sell my vest for a similar price I bought it for, so I ended up selling it for $100.

A few nights ago I was looking around the Gap website, and I saw the most perfect vest. It wasn't anywhere for purchase yet (I even tweeted at them asking why I can't find it anywhere), but they finally put it up yesterday. It's actually wool, not just screen printed polyster, it's fitted, and best of all, it comes in both regular, petite AND tall sizes. Full priced it's almost $90, but with the Columbus Day sale (code GAPSAIL for 35% off), it comes to just under $60. I ordered two to try out two sizes, both in tall, and can't wait to receive them! I think these are like the second coming of the original J.Crew vest, but better, so if you are looking for the perfect vest, I think this is it :)

Other awesome sale going on: J.Crew Factory is 50% off everything both online and in stores (perfect time to pick up my favorite Sylvia wedges if you've had your eye on them!). Here are a couple more pretties that are as low priced as they're going to get: