Thursday, May 15, 2014

day 293 of the rest of your life

Shirt: TJ Maxx
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Necklace: c/o Le Tote [exact]
Shoes: Old Navy [want these so hard]
Watch: Fossil [similar]
Belt: The Limited

Today was the last day of classes for us - all that stands between me and a summer of lounging by the pool (...and dissecting cadavers) is one clinical neuro exam and one comprehensive exam for everything we've learned this year. 293 days ago I wore this same shirt, but it feels like a lifetime ago - I feel like a completely different person. While I'm not really ready to reflect on the school year as a whole (probably because I have like 40 more hours left in the library that is taking up all my free brain time), it is interesting to see how much has change. 

I have longer hair...and maybe a few extra pounds on my thighs from mostly sitting all day. A group of girls I had only known for a week became my "Erie family". I have a guy in my life now who makes me laugh and feel special every day. My dogs have their own friends they have dates with. I actually know and understand some real medicine now (okay, really just science book medicine). I know what the inside of a human body looks like. I can walk into a room and do a full physical exam on a person I've never met before. If your neck hurts, I now know several ways I may be able to help. I have so so much left to learn, but 70-some credits (for real) of medical school classes later, I feel like I do at least know a thing or two about the vast field of medicine.